Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Why To Switch From Regular Cigarettes To Electronic Cigarettes

Why To Switch From Regular Cigarettes To Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette or the ecig has been making a lot of news over the last few years and the virtual world has been almost flooded with several electronic cigarette brands. While there is clearly a difference in opinion among electronic cigarette enthusiasts and conventional smokers, yet no one can deny the obvious benefits that an ecig has over the tobacco based cigarettes. Those who have switched to ecig, for instance v2cigs, have already realized the horde of advantages and health benefits but those who haven’t are yet to foresee how their life can be changed for the good by switching to electronic cigarette such as the v2cigs or Elephant pipes.

Here we shall look at a few simple, obvious and unquestionable advantages of v2cigs over regular cigarettes that shall also establish why switching is not only a good idea but the only good alternative.

  • First, let’s look at the health factors. Regular cigarettes have nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and various chemical substances which are highly harmful for human consumption. Carbon monoxide creates respiratory problems, the nicotine fuels an addiction and is at par with an addictive drug, tar would almost consume the lungs in the long run and other chemicals have various ill effects, such as on appetite, digestion, skin, hair and also the nerves. Electronic cigarette, the v2cigs do not pose any such threats whatsoever. This has been medically proven all across the world.
  • Regular cigarettes burn and emit smoke which is hot and along with its contents create several problems in the larynx, throat areas and the wind pipe in human body. V2cigs emit vapor, that too cooled, and smoking an ecig can do away with any health threats.
  • Smoking an electronic cigarette is a cheaper solution. Some people may be taken aback considering the initial buying price of an ecig kit but if you consider the fact that you only buy v2cigs the first time and later only opt for the cartridges then you can easily calculate the savings you would make. There are people saving more than a hundred dollars monthly having switched to electronic cigarette. Some people are saving even more.
  • Switching to electronic cigarette allows you to get several flavors which then make it an even more enjoyable experience. You can smoke anywhere as there is not smoke being emitted. You do not have to worry about your beloved ones suffering from passive smoking and the benefits and advantages are innumerably more.

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