Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Why Is V2 Cigs The Best Electronic Cigarette Brand?

Why Is V2 Cigs The Best Electronic Cigarette Brand?

I just recently got to fly down to Miami, Fl to get a first hand look at what I and many others consider the best electronic cigarette brand on the market, V2 Cigs.  I was fortunate enough to get a first hand look at VMR from the new headquarters, to the call center,and even to the check out the shipping and receiving warehouse.  So when I give my opinion on V2 Cigs it’s coming from first hand experience and not just hear say.


Why is V2 Cigs the best electronic cigarette brand?


1.  Transparency –  This is an interesting one because most other brands will not willingly give you the ingredients of what is in their e liquids.  V2 Cigs not only gives you the list of ingredients but also their percent by volume and make it readily available to download.  To show just how easy it was to get this list I went to V2 Cigs live support and got a response with the link within 20 seconds.

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2.  Active Forum – V2 Cigs has a number of active discussions via the forum on their website that offers even more support to new and veteran users.  There you can find things like product reviews, product questions, success stories and much much more.  Let’s say you’re wondering if electronic cigarettes are safe around small animals, you can go to the forums put up your question and have an active discussion keyword being ACTIVE.  Done!


3.  Top Notch Customer Service – V2 Cigs hands down has one of the best customer service teams.  Not only are they super knowledgeable of all their products but also pleasantly nice.


4.  Innovation Leaders – Seeing where V2 Cigs has come from since 2009 is mind-boggling.  When you factor that they have and continue to offer top of the line products that are continually improving and are launching new products and brands on the regular it makes since.  Let’s not forget the team of people that V2 Cigs has surround themselves with as well.  I got a chance to meet not only the COO of V2 Cigs but numerous of Vice Presidents over different divisions of VMR and these are defiantly the people you’d want to surround your company with no doubt.


5.  Quality Control –  This is a big deal.  V2 Cigs spot checks batches of cartridges regularly to make sure they are of the highest quality.  Some of the things V2 test for includes cartomizer impedance, cartomizer weight, temperature, and even puff consistency.


6.  Batch Testing –  V2 Cigs flavor cartridges and e-liquids come labeled with a batch number and expiration date.  At any time you can take that batch number over to V2Cigs.com and view test results for your cartridge or e-liquid product.


7.  Limited Life Time Warranty – V2 Cigs offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their electrical products excluding cartridges for the life of the product.  Up to 5 replacements can be made for a defective products which is super nice.


8.  Prices – V2 also offers super affordable electronic cigarette starter kits that are fairly priced when compared to the rest of the market.  They are continuously running different promotions/sales on their website.  On top of these promotions consumers can combine V2 Cigs coupon codes and promos to make it that much more affordable.

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