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Whitener Pen Review | VaporWhite Whitener Pen

Whitener Pen Review | VaporWhite Whitener Pen



whitener penHe what’s up guys I’m Chad Sheppard and I do ecig reviews for you on my website iknowecigs.com and this is my Whitener Pen review of Vaporwhite’s Teeth Whitening Pen.


So I got this in the mail about two weeks ago and wanted to do a quick review of what it’s all about.  Now this is a whitener pen by Vapor White.  I haven’t seen another electronic cigarette company offer a whitening pen for teeth, so this is kind of interesting thing to do right.  I guess VaporWhite is marketing to smokers that not only want to make the switch to electronic cigarettes to save money, and reap all the other benefits from ditching tobacco cigarettes but who also just want to fix their smoke-stained teeth.


So this Whitener Pen is a Teeth Whitening Gel Pen.  It now cost $10.99 on Vaporwhite.com and that is for a 2 week supply or for 1 of these Whitener Pens that contain .07 ounces of whitening gel.  Not the Whitener Pen itself is pretty easy to use just  twist up from the bottom of the whitener pen until you see the whitening gel appear.  Then you just need to brush the whitening gel onto your teeth and smile for 30 seconds.  Pretty simple right?  And after you’ve applied the whitening gel pen, you are not supposed to vape, drink, eat, or rinse your mouth for at least 30 minutes.


Now this was my first time using a whitener pen or any teeth whitening products for that matter, So I’ll get you posted on how it’s affected my teeth and how good they are looking after a few days.  VaporWhite does state for best results to use the whitener pen for at least 10 days, so I want to stay as true to that as possible before I show you guy the final results of this whitener pen.


Now comparing prices I’ve seen these whitening pens range from $6.99 to $50 plus, so the price seems VERY fair to me.  And again Vaporwhite is wanting to pair vaping with teeth whitening and honestly that’s not a bad idea.  To learn more about VaporWhite, you can check out the links in the description or click right here to visit VaporWhite.com and see what they got going on.  Again this is Vaporwhite’s teeth whitening pen gel.


So Let me know what you think about this whole bundling a Whitener Pen with an electronic cigarette or vaporizer in the comments area below.  Also, If you like this vapor white whitener pen review, can you say that gain vapor white whitener pen review.  Please give it a like maybe even share it.  This video and myself would really appreciate it.  Trust Me!

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