Electronic Cigarette Reviews | What happened to Vapor Zone?

What happened to Vapor Zone?

What happened to Vapor Zone?


VaporFiOk so I’m doing my nightly research looking around at prices and sales and I’m heading over to Vaporzone.com and instantly get redirected to VaporFi.com. Once I land on the page I see a notice that states VaporZone is NOW Vaporfi. I’m a little stunned, cause VaporZone is pretty well known and they have quite a few retail locations as well. Just reading through their announcement it seems like they feel VaporZone is not as memorable as VaporFi, which means Vapor Fidelity.They state that VaporFi is a more unique name, which I kinda agree and that it encompasses both a value proposition as well as a commitment to innovation. Not sure I get all that from the name, but I’m sure some guy got paid pretty heavily to come to that conclusion.


In case you are wondering, Fidelity is defind as: adherence to fact or detail; accuracy; exactness and also the degree to which an electronic device accurately reproduces its effect.  The short of the long is VaporZone is now VaporFi and that nothing has really changed other than the name. On their new website VaporFi.com it states they will be transisioning from VaporZone to VaporFi including a new URL for their websites. All the new product will be getting the new VaporFi Logo and packaging as well and all their retail locations will get updated.  So it seems the products will be EXACTLY the same with just the new VaporFi name.  At this time this is pretty much all I know, so if you know more, please hit me up in the comments area. Also I wanted to get your opinion on what you like better: VaporZone or VaporFi.


To learn more about this whole VaporZone name change visit VaporFi.com.


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  • Tim says:

    Your Review :maybe its because of poor customer service. Paid double for shipping’ took twice as long and half my order was missing.