Electronic Cigarette Reviews | VG And PG | What Are The Differences?

VG And PG | What Are The Differences?

VG and PGWhat is the difference in VG and PG e liquid is an occurring question I often get asked.  If you’re using electronic cigarettes or planning on it in the future you’ll most likely want to take notice these ingredients.  So lets start with what  is VG and PG?  VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and is  a clear, odorless liquid that comes from carbohydrates of plant oils.  It is used in many of products ranging from food to cosmetic.  PG stands for Propylene Glycol (PG) and is a simulation of natural gas made by chemist that can be found in many consumer and food products such as lotions and ice crème.  Both chemicals are non toxic and can be digested.  Up until recently I didn’t really know the importance  and differences of VG and PG until a guy contacted me asking where to get VG only e liquids.  This intrigued me to seek information on both VG and PG and weigh pro’s and con’s and look at differences.

So what is the difference in VG and PG e liquids?  


Let me start by saying most electronic cigarette companies use both  substances in their products.  The main differences is variation in the mix.  VG is known to be sweeter than PG.  I’ve had numerous people tell me that the higher the VG the more their vapor tastes like syrup.  VG also produces a heavier cloud of vapor and is thicker in viscosity.  PG is known to get users a better throat hit and is a much thinner liquid. It’s also known to have a higher rate of vulnerability in people causing allergic reactions.  The biggest reason electronic cigarette companies split the difference with VG and PG is to balance the best of both worlds and for better long-term use of atomizers.  Being VG is so think it puts a tremendous amount of stress on an electronic cigarettes atomizer and just isn’t ideal for anything over light use typically.

Are there any electronic cigarette brands that exclude PG and only use VG?


Looking online most of the major electronic cigarette companies mix both chemicals in their e liquids but there is one company that offers VG as it’s base and doesn’t use PG.  If you’re looking for zero PG then ProSmoke is possibly your best bet.  Their view on PG is that the verdict is still out on inhaling the chemical.  They also don’t like the possible adverse affects it could cause like allergic reactions.  Visit Prosmoke for more info.

Are there any electronic cigarette brands that only use PG?


I’ve found I’m a bigger fan of higher PG mixed e liquids vs VG.  In fact I’m not really a big van of VG alone just because of the sweet taste.  This of course is a personal preference of mine.  I’d rather get a have throat hit (TH) vs look at a cloud of vapor.  There are brands that use only PG in their mix and I’ve listed a few below.

V2 Cigs (my personal favorite)

I’m still confused what the difference in VG and PG e liquid.


If your still lost and not sure what mix of VG & PG or what base is best for you than weight what’s most important.  Are you looking for something that hits the back of your throat better and offers a more realistic comparison to smoking tobacco cigarettes?  If you answered yes then PG  your best bet unless you are allergic to it of course.  If your more worried about the thickness of your vapor and looking for a sweeter taste then VG will most likely be a better fit.  If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, then find the brand that has your ideal mix whether it be 50/50 or 30/70.  The best thing you can do is experiment and have fun while doing it.  VG and PG do play a big role in how thick your vapor will be, how your vapor will taste overall, and how much kick you get to the throat from it.





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  • johnny m says:

    Your Review : I heard that VG leaves more of an after taste and has the feeling of a thick substance in the mouth. Any thoughts on that? Thanks for the explanation..

  • robert says:

    Your Review :I am diabetic I’ve read that vg effects blood sugars. Does anyone know what company makes e-liqiuds that are 100 percent pg e-liquid. Info found here was very helpful thanks

  • Julio says:

    Steven R.November 21, 2012 I have mixed feelings about Blu-cigs. They’re kind of like your first love, in the sense that as you get older you reialze it wasn’t REALLY love, just a crush, foolish youth mixed with raging hormone, and…well, you get the idea. I smoked for 31 years, and Blu-cigs helped me quit, cold-turkey, and for that I will always be grateful, and think of them fondly. However, that’s not to say that they don’t have problems, because they most certainly do. If you google e-cig reviews and read up on them, you will see a pattern when it comes to Blu-cigs. Almost universally, people who have used Blu-cigs for any length of time all seem to agree that the battery life on the things are GOD-AWFUL. I know now why they included a portable charging case (called a PCC, for short), when you buy their starter kit, because if you didn’t have that, and was going to be away from a source of charging your batt eries (like a wall outlet, or USB port on a computer), you would have to carry, like, 10 or 15 batteries to get you through one day. And I’m not even close to kidding.The second issue I have with them is, while they do have some fairly pleasing flavors besides tobacco, most of the carts ‘burn(?) out’ rather quickly. And by that I mean, while you’ll still be getting decent vapor, the vanilla (or cherry, or whatever other flavor) will start tasting like burned plastic. Oh, and even if you’re just a moderate user, you’ll be lucky if a cart lasts a full day.The third (and last) issue I have with them is that their shipping is pretty slow. Self-explanatory.All in all, Blu-cigs are…..adequate. They Ok I guess if you just need a ‘quick fix’ (they’re the only e-cig ***KIT*** that you can walk into a store and buy), to help you quit, but there are much better brands out there.