Electronic Cigarette Reviews | What Are Vapor Cigarettes?

What Are Vapor Cigarettes?

What Are Vapor Cigarettes?

VaporVapor Cigarettes cigarettes or a smokeless cigarette, is an electrical device that simulates the act of smoking a real cigarette by producing a mist that give the physical sensation, appearance, flavor, an even nicotine content of that of a regular type cigarette.  The way vapor cigarettes work is by using a device called an atomizer to heat and vaporize a propylene glycol or glycerin based liquid into a mist.  The process is very similar to the way a neutralizer or humidifier vaporizes solutions.  Now not all vapor includes nicotine, but Nicotine can be added to the vapor and that is what gives smokers the same effect of smoking on a tobacco cigarette.

Vapor cigarettes are not meant to help someone quit smoking and such accusations are not to be claimed.  The devices are made to deliver a similar smoking experience to smoking a tobacco cigarette but with heavily reduced chemicals that are usually associated with tobacco smoke.

The benefits of vapor cigarettes vs tobacco cigarettes are subject to huge debate.  I can say on a personal level that my Doctor and my brother in laws doctor gave us the green light on what he thought about vapor cigarettes vs other forms of receiving nicotine.

Your typical vapor cigarette looks and feels like a real cigarette.  I personally like the two part vapor cigarette. The first part is the battery and the second part is the atomizer and cartridge build together.  You can buy a three part where the atomizer an cartridge are separate but I prefer 2 part design.

If your in the market looking to try your first vapor cigarette let us help you out.  There are so many brands and flavors to choose from so below we’ve listed our 4 favorite and why we think you’ll like them.

Vapor Cigarettes I would highly suggest

Eversmoke.com offers an awesome product at an awesome price.  So basically its AWESOME.  Get a basic starter kit for $53.99 after coupon.  They also offer some good flavors other then tobacco such as vanilla, cherry, menthol, peppermint, and coffee.  Cartridges run about $2.66 per cartridge which is equivalent to a traditional pack of cigarettes.


SouthBeachSmoke.com is the brother company of eversmoke.com.  They have very similar products and pricing.   The biggest difference for me is I like the flavor of the eversmoke cartridges better than the South Beach Smoke cartridges.  Pricing of starter kits and filters are the same.


V2 cigs is another vapor cigarette brand that I truly love!  You can get the v2 Economy Kit for only $42.46 after using coupon all4ecig15.  That is a pretty sweet deal to get you started if your on a budget.  V2 cigs also offers plenty of flavors in regards to cartridges.  They have 10 flavors to choose from my favorite being the vanilla.  Cartridges run about $1.99 per cartridge which is a really sick deal.


Smoke 51 is another top rated vapor cigarette.  Smoke 51 is my wife’s favorite brand, mainly due to the flavor of the tobacco cartridges.  The hit from the tobacco cartridges have a super heavy feel that tickles the throat.  The 2.0 starter kit runs $104.97 after using coupon DSC-16155.  Cartridges run about $2.09 after coupon.


Don’t wait…make the switch to Vapor Cigarettes Today!

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