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V2 Pro Coupon



Ok guys, so I’ve been getting a lot of emails and messages about where to get a V2 Pro coupon code to save on V2 Pro Personal Vaporizer purchases and I wanted to give you and update on that.  At the moment V2 Cigs is not offering any discounts on the V2 Pro line via a V2 Pro Coupon.  I reached out to V2 Cigs and asked if there was any kind of way I could get you guys a discount with some kind of V2 Pro Coupon but I think there is so little profit margin on the V2 Pro Series 3 at the moment that it’s not really an option.
With that said though, you can use coupon codes to save on V2 Cigs E Liquid.  So if you’re buying e liquid on V2 Cigs website you can use V2 Cigs Coupon “iknowecigs10” and save 10% on everything that’s not in the V2 Pro line.  I’m not sure if V2 Cigs is gonna offer V2 pro coupon codes anytime soon for their personal vaporizer line, when they do I’ll get one up and out to you guys so as possible.

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