Electronic Cigarette Reviews | V2 EX Menthol Unboxing

V2 EX Menthol Unboxing

V2 EX Menthol Unboxing



The next generation of prefilled flavor cartridge has arrived. V2 EX Cartridges are the result of groundbreaking innovation and are more advanceV2 EX Menthold than any other prefilled cartridge on the market. The redesigned internal structure of the EX Cartridge produces 400+ puffs, roughly double that of our classic prefilled model, without adding any volume to the cartridge size. This revolutionary internal construction provides a “tank” experience and ensures a consistent flavor profile, from the very first puff to the last. A small window on the side of the cartridge allows you to gauge your remaining e-liquid level at a glance. EX Cartridges have an airtight seal that makes the cartridge totally leak-proof. This seal optimizes air flow, allowing for thicker vapor production without the need for priming.


Choose from the rich tobacco flavors of V2 Red, Sahara and Congress, or the icy chill of V2 Menthol, Peppermint and Green Tea Menthol.

EX Cartridges are available in five nicotine strengths: 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and 0%.


Cool and refreshing, V2 Menthol is V2 Cigs most popular flavor. Even non-menthol smokers love this crisp flavor formula. It’s like exhaling a minty-fresh Tic Tac. V2 Menthol cartridges and e-liquids are sold in five strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and 0% nicotine with a Spring green color.V2 Menthol has a similar flavor profile to the following traditional tobacco brands: Kool®2, Salem®2, Newport®5, Marlboro®1 Menthol, and Basic®1 Menthol cigarettes


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