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V2 EX Cartridge Review Video

V2 EX Cartridge Review Video



V2 EX Cartridge Review

v2 ex cartridge reviewV2 Cigs has slowly but surely been rolling out their new EX line, but the V2 EX cartridge is what most people have been anticipating since announced a few months back. The V2 EX cartridges are the most advanced pre filled cartridges that can be found on the electronic cigarette market today. The internal structure of the EX Cartridge produces 400+ puffs which is going to pretty much double V2 Cigs standard classic prefilled cartridges.


The V2 EX cartridge provides a tank experience and produces a consistent flavor from start to finish. One of the unique things about the EX Cartridges is has this tiny window on the side of the cartridge that allows you to see exactly the level of e-liquid left in the cartridge.


Another thing to note about V2 Cigs V2 EX Cartridges are that they have a patented, cotton-free design, that has an airtight seal and is completely leak proof.  Flavors for the EX series include V2 Red, Sahara, Congress, Menthol, Peppermint, and Green Tea Menthol with nicotine strengths: ranging from no nicotine to 2.4%.  A 5 Pack of the V2 EX cartridges cost $14.95 on V2 Cigs websites but after using a V2 Cigs coupon “iknowecigs10” will only run $13.45.   Comparing the EX series to the classic series in price, there is a $5 difference. For that extra five dollars you’re basically getting another pack of cartridges, so the EX cartridges are definitely a better deal vs buying 2 packs of classic cartridges.


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  • mtowmi says:

    Your Review :The EX Cartridges lasted me half the time 4hrs compared to the pre-filled & the blanks I fill myself with V2 E-liquid, which last me 8 hrs. The V2 long battery is the best the charge lasts 8-12 hrs.I love V2
    have been a long time customer.Just not happy with the new EX Cartridges.Not worth the extra money.
    it lasts 8-12 hrs!