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V2 Cigs Work With Vantage Vapor

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - #1 Ecig Brand Worldwide!OK so if you didn’t know Vantage Vapor cartridges are a perfect fit with V2 Cigs batteries!  All Vapor Vantage flavor filters are completely compatible with any V2 Cigs battery, giving you the perfect opportunity to sample some of the Vantage Vapor flavors.  Here are 4 flavors that can be found on ecigs.com and V2cigs.com.

American Blend —
A classic American original that boasts a full-bodied taste with slightly sweet overtones and a smooth finish.

Classic Tobacco —
A gourmet blend of robust Virginia tobacco mixed with a richer, more complex Turkish variety.

Menthol —
A mouth-watering flavor that hits the throat with a blast of cold mountain air, then finishes smooth and fresh.

Juicy Mint —
A carefully crafted taste sensation, bursting with icy sweetness and topped with a frosty mint finish.

All Vantage Vapor flavors are available in full (18), medium (12), light (6) or zero nicotine strengths. Vantage Vapor cartridges are stamped with an end date so you’re guaranteed a fresh cartridge every time.

Get more information about Vantage Vapor flavors at Ecigs.com.

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