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Vapor Zone Coupon

Key Facts
  • Starter Kit Rate : $29.99 to $179.99
  • Cartridges Cost : $2.99 per Cartridge
  • Cartridge Life : 150~200 Puffs
  • Battery Life : 2 to 5 Hours
  • Charger Options : Plenty
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Vapor Zone Coupon

Iknowecigs Rating
5 stars
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Vapor Zone Coupon


To save 10% on Vapor Zone products found on their website, use Vapor Zone Coupon “iknowecigs10”.  This is not your typical electronic cigarette coupon because it can only be activated and used via an activation link.


The great thing about this vapor zone coupon is it can be used on all the vapor zone starter kits including the vapor zone express, vapor zone air, vapor zone platinum pro, vapor zone pro, vapor zone jet, vapor zone pulse, and even the vapor zone vapor zone couponrebel starter kit.  If that wasn’t enough it also works on all vapor zone cartridges and e-liquids.  But it doesn’t stop there, this vapor zone coupon even works on vapor zone accessories like extra batteries, chargers, tanks, cases & lanyards, and anything else you can find on vaporzone.com


This vapor zone discount will be applied at time of check-out if you followed the activation link.  So just verify that at time of check-out you see the 10% savings prior to payment.  Also just a side note, this Vapor Zone coupon has no limitations so you can use it on all your future purchases and even share it with your friends and family to save them some cash too, so don’t be stingy.


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Vapor Zone Coupon 5Chad2012-10-29 00:17:22Vapor Zone Coupon

To save 10% on Vapor Zone products found on their website, use Vapor Zone Coupon “iknowecigs10”.  This is not your typi…

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Vapor Zone Coupon

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  • Alice says:

    T.GJuly 18, 2012 Overall: Flavor Vapor Shipping Value When I went looking for an ecgaeritte, I was prompted by a workplace policy that prevented smoking on site I mean within two miles, not in your car if its in the lot nothing. Naturally I flipped out I tried so many of the brands, the ones in the gas stations, the liquid ones, some blue garbage, and then I found white cloud. At first, the investment seemed steep compared to other brands, but in this case, I found you REALLY do get what you pay for. I couldnt find something that satisfied every physical dependency I had on cigarettes, either I couldnt feel the burn, I couldnt see the vapor, or the taste wasnt dirty enough. This hit every spot. So I bought it just for use at work about two years ago. Id take my little pack of nic-fix with me in the morning and light up right after my shift was over well after I was well off the lot. I’m not sure when it happened, but eventually I stopped going for the real ones after work, the nicotine fix was such that, I didnt even crave one. Over about a year, I completely stopped smoking the real things. I cant even stand the smell of one. I feel so much better, I smell so much better, and I try to tell everyone about this-dont look at it like you are trying to quit you set yourself up for failure look at it as someone trying to lose weight does a slim fast something to tide you over until you can pick up the chocolate shake. eventually, you forget all about it. Its the best thing I never meant to stick with. Now I just pray they go out of business. Ever.

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