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Smoke 51 Trio Review

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Smoke 51 Trio Review

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The Smoke 51 TRIO 1 Battery Starter Kit is a three piece electronic cigarette. What that means is that each unit consists of a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge of e-liquid which contains the nicotine and flavor. The advantage is that cartridges are cheaper than the two part design, but the atomizers will need replacing every so often and their performance will diminish over time as they become clogged or simply wear out.

The kit comes complete with one rechargeable lithium ion battery, 1 reusable atomizer, six nicotine flavor cartridges in 11mg strength, one standard wall charger, a Club 51 membership card and a full TRIO user manual.

Product Contents:
1 x TRIO™ Rechargeable Lithium Ion ‘Cigarette’ Battery
1 x Reusable Atomizer
6 x Cartridge/Filters (Original flavor)
1 x Standard Wall Outlet Charger with Power Cable
1 x Club 51 Membership Card
1 x TRIO Electronic Cigarette Instructional User Manual

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Smoke 51 Trio Review

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  • Michael Weisser says:

    51 Trio Battery, I have Power Ecig and all I have to say is 51 Trio is the only battery they ever sent me that works right and I still have 2 of them and 4 other ones of different brands which one is gold and one is maroon. I told Power Ecig that I’d like to have 3 batteries at all times and just regular white that says 51 Trio on it. I get 4 packs of cartomizers with 5 in each pack a month for $39.95. Power Ecig has sent me free batteries, but only one was a 51 Trio, all the other batteries are sitting in a drawer. Power Ecig generally charges $9.95 for a battery, what would you charge if I went directly through you? The other batteries you have to drag on them really hard to get a hit. If you just drag normal either nothing comes out or very little and you always have to drag twice. I’ve had the ecig for almost a year now and I know when the battery is getting ready for a charge or when the cartomizer is out. With the 51 Trio you just smoke it like a regular tobacco cigarette and it works just fine. I would appreciate a response from you. The problem is, is that when I’ve asked for a battery Power Ecig said, that they can’t guarantee that it would be a 51 Trio so I guess I get what I get and I don’t like it like that. I actually would like to have 4 batteries at all times.