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Ozone Smoke Review

Key Facts
  • Starter Kit Rate : $29.95 to $129.95
  • Cartridges Cost : $2.50 per Cartidge
  • Cartridge Life : 325 to 350 puffs
  • Battery Life : 2 to 3 Hours
  • Charger Options : Wall, USB, & Car
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Ozone Smoke Review

Iknowecigs Rating
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Ozone Smoke ReviewOzone Smoke Review

I tried Ozone Smoke electronic cigarettes about a year ago, so I was pretty familiar with their product.  I did get a fresh new kit to try for this review and this time around was able to sample 8 of the flavors Ozone Smoke offers.   Currently those flavors include tobacco, menthol, cherry, green apple, vanilla, blueberry, coffee, strawberry, peach, and energy.  The Ozone Smoke Premium Starter Kit is what I used and I found it to be of great quality.  This kit comes with 2 batteries, one long and one short, wall charger, usb charger, an 6 cartridges.  It is on OzoneSmoke.com now for $69.95,  which I found competitive but not the cheapest for this style electronic cigarette starter kit.  They also offer a mini, deluxe, and ultimate kit.  The Mini starter kit I wouldn’t recommend buying just because it only has one battery and that is never enough.  The Ozone Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit is very similar to the Premium except you get a carrying case and 3 five packs of filters for $109.95.  I did the math buying this kit a la carte and this is a better deal by about $12.  So if you want a case and are going to buy extra filter you save $12 by going with this kit compared to the Premium Kit.  The Ultimate Kit is Ozone Smoke’s best starter kit and it cost $129.95.  The only difference between the Ultimate Kit and the Deluxe Kit is that it comes with a car charger and 2 extra packs of filters.  So what kit is the best deal really?  If you want a car charger and case then for sure the Ozone Smoke Ultimate Kit is the best option.  It is not going to be cheaper to buy the accessories later.  One negative I will say about Ozone Smoke’s Starter Kit selection is that they don’t offer a kit with 3 batteries and they don’t offer personal charging cases either.


Ozone Smoke Cartridge Review

Taste is very subjective so what I like might not be what you like or anyone else for that matter, with that said, my personal favorite cartridge flavor that Ozone Smoke offers is peach.  It’s a real clean taste with a hint of peach and I really like it and haven’t had this flavor from any other company so if you like peach flavor this is a great find. The tobacco filter I liked but didn’t love.  It had a syrupy type taste that I really didn’t know how to take.  I had a few other people try this cartridge as well and they told me the same thing, that it had a syrup style taste.  If nothing else it is different from the other brands tobacco flavors and that I respect.  The flavor energy was also unique tasting.  It’s hard to describe this flavor but it’s sweet and subtle and my 2nd favorite of all the flavors.  I wasn’t a fan of the blueberry simply because I don’t like blueberries, so not a fair assessment of it.  I also wasn’t a big fan of the cherry filters.  For some reason I felt like I was sucking on a dryer sheet.  I never really tasted the cherry.  Out of all the flavors it was my least favorite by far.  The menthol, vanilla and coffee are all on level with other brands that offer these flavors and they tasted great.  Throat hit varied from flavor to flavor for me and all filters produced a decent amount of vapor.  The price of Ozone Smoke’s Cartridges is a little on the higher side.  Buying in bulk is going to be the best option for sure.  Forty cartridges cost $79.95 so broken down per filter costs  $2 per filter which is again competitive but not the cheapest filters on the market.


Ozone Smoke Cartridge PeachOzone Smoke Cartridge VanillaOzone Smoke Cartridge Energy

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Ozone Smoke Review Ratings


Cost/Value 3.75 out of 5

Ozone Smoke Starter Kits and cartridges are priced fairly but are not the cheapest available on the market by any means.

Ease of Draw 3.75 out of 5

Ozone Electronic Cigarettes need little to no priming so getting quick and easy vapor is effortless.

Vapor Production 3.5 out of 5

Ozone Smoke is PG based so the vapor isn’t as thick but still plentiful.

Flavor/Taste 3.75 out of 5

Ozone offers some different flavors that are a must to try like peach & energy, but I wasn’t crazy about their tobacco.

Style/Look 4 out of 5

No complaints with look or feel.

Customer Service 3.5 out of 5

Good but not great, would be great if online chat was ever available.

Speed Of Shipment 4.5 out of 5

My package came in about as fast as it could.

Q & A with Ozone Smoke

1.  A lot of top brands use the same style battery in their kits, what makes the Ozone Smoke kit better than the other brands?
We do not claim to be the best possible battery out there, but the built quality, components, and performance is good (comparable to top brands).  It’s a few other things that set us a part from top brands (listed in question 4).  
2.  What ratio PG/VG is in Ozone Smoke filters/cartridges?
Ozone Smoke uses top e-liquid maker in China, which is mostly PG based and nicotine is from tobacco plant extract.  
3.  What  brand of tobacco cigarettes would Ozone compare their tobacco cartridge?
We ultimately wanted to create an ecig that would fit all smokers by closely resembling the feel and duplicating the sensation of analogs.  It hard to compare the taste to a single cigarette brand due to the fact that most of our cartridges are flavors.  But our flavors are purposely a bit more subtle and not overpowering so the customers don’t feel like they are smoking candy.   
4.  Why should consumers pick ozone over other top brands like a V2 Cigs or Green Smoke?
It’s a solid 2 piece ecig, which is competitively priced. We offer some unique flavors such as energy and blueberry.  Our cartridges are 10% – 20% larger than most competitors. Excellent customer service and support. Customer satisfaction is the core value that our company and products are built on and that will never change.  Our customers are extremely happy with our products; we hear it everyday and our return rate is almost non-existent.  Most importantly is that your readers who are looking for a good ecig will not be disappointed with our products, quality, and service.
5.  When did Ozone Smoke launch and where are they located?
Based out of Michigan, greater Metro Detroit area (Keego Harbor). We’ve been in business for about 1.5 years.  (November 2011)
6.  What is Ozone’s best selling filter flavor?
The 3 best selling are blueberry, coffee, and energy (aside from tobacco & menthol). 
7.  Why does Ozone not offer a PCC?
What do you mean by PCC?  
8.  Does the flavor of the month change every month and is it always at a discount?
Yes, that is the whole point for having a flavor of the month 🙂
9.  How often is chat support available?  I went a few times to the site and it was offline?
Yes we’ve recently integrated it and are having some technical bugs that will be worked out by next week
10.  Does Ozone have any type of quality check with there cartridge batches?
Ozone manufacturing is a professional facility (one of the best & largest in China) and has 100% clean-room environment. Each batch goes through 2 separate testings (1 tested by QC personal of factory & 2 random testing by outside company)

Ozone Smoke Review Coupon

Ozone Smoke Coupon CodeUse Ozone Smoke Coupon “iknowecigs” and save 15% on all your future Ozone Smoke purchases.  This coupon is good for 15% off everything on OzoneSmoke.com.

How To Apply Ozone Smoke Coupon

Ozone Smoke Review Pro’s

Peach & Energy cartridge flavors are AWESOME!  Having tried so many flavors over the past 2 years I really was impressed with both.  I also like that Ozone offers a flavor of the month that is discounted so if your wanting to try a new flavor you can at a discounted price.


Ozone Smoke Review Con’s  

Ozone Smoke doesn’t currently offer a personal charging case, so that is a little bit of a bummer.  I also wish they had a life time warranty on their products, instead of the 1 year deal.


Ozone Smoke Review Verdict

Buy it!  If your going to pick up an Ozone Smoke Starter Kit make sure it’s the ultimate.  It offers the best deal by far.  Don’t take my word for it though, visit OzoneSmoke.com and get you a kit.
Ozone Smoke Review3.92857142857Chad2012-11-18 13:53:01Ozone Smoke Review
I tried Ozone Smoke electronic cigarettes about a year ago, so I was pretty familiar with their product.  I did get a fresh new k…

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Ozone Smoke Review

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