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Eversmoke Disposable Review

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Eversmoke Disposable Review

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Eversmoke Disposable ReviewThe EverSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette is a great way to go smokeless.  Whether you are just getting started or like the “no-hassle” benefit of a disposable e-cig, this low-cost alternative is a great option.  Leave them in your car, bag or suitcase so you have them whenever you need them.  Each disposable is good for about 500 puffs and use the same great tobacco and menthol taste as our reusable kits.

  • Smoke Virtually Anywhere
  • No Recharging Required
  • Great When You’re On-The-Go
  • Equals about 2-Packs of Traditional Cigarettes

5-Pack    $49.99

10-Pack  $89.99

15-Pack   $124.99

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Eversmoke Disposable Review

2 Comments/Reviews

  • Harry Marling says:

    i am so glad that i switched to EverSmoke from the last brand that i used. better in every way, and cheaper! i like that they offer free shipping with orders over $100 too! i like these batteries so much… very strong lasting me hours of use. the 2 sizes, different colors, different switches are all nice too, i like the versatility. and they create a ton of vapor, which rocks in addition to everything else. suffice it to say, i’ve found my brand and i love them!

  • Carrie says:

    Eversmoke was born, is based, and proudly made in the States. I like knowing my eJuice isnt slave-labor made to support the slave-labor trade. Besides, if the way toys are built abroad is always cause for concern, why wouldn’t it be with what you put in your body. For keeping the whole deal domestically real, you guys have my business!