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777 eCigs Review

Key Facts
  • Starter Kit Rate : $19.95 to $119.95
  • Cartridges Cost : $1.80 per Cartridge
  • Cartridge Life : 200 Puffs
  • Battery Life : 3 to 5 Hours
  • Charger Options : Wall,USB,Car & PCC
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777 eCigs Review

Iknowecigs Rating
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777 eCigs Review

777 eCogs Review777 eCigs are a new and upcoming brand of electronic cigarettes.  They are in my opinion one of the more economical brands of ecigs on the market today.  777 eCigs offers 2 different styles of starter kits, the 777 eCigs standard series and the ladies signature series.  Both series are 2 piece designs but are not compatible with each other.  With 777 eCigs its as simple as screwing a cartridge to the end of a battery and just puffing it like a regular tobacco cigarette.

777 eCigs coupon code777 eCigs offers 10 different starter kits on their website from Mini Kits that run $19.95 to Ultimate Kits that cost $119.95.  They offer different starter kits for many situations at various prices.  777 eCigs also offers e-Liquid and cartridges on their site, which is nice to have options.  They currently have 16 different flavors to choose from ranging from Classic Tobacco to Pina Colada.  A personal favorite from the flavor choices is the Caramel, really great tasting flavor and heavy vapor.  777 eCigs also offer consumers a variety of choices when it comes to batteries.  Their batteries come in long, standard, and short.  All three sizes can be purchased in manual or automatic and can be fancied up with 9 different designs.

777 eCigs also has a wide variety of accessories. Consumers can buy multiple styles of carrying cases, batteries, power cigs, and even (PCC) portable charging cases.  The retractable power 777 eCig is a great wired electronic cigarette that is powered via USB and offers great cord control.  All the accessories are fairly priced and of good quality.

777eCigs offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY for repeat customers.  As long as customers have made a purchase of e juice, cartridges, or accessories within a 6 month time frame, the warranty will never expire.  They also offer same day Visit 777eCigs.comshipping for orders received by 2 P.M. PST.  If for any reason a customer is not satisfied with a purchase, 777 eCigs does offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on USA orders.

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777 eCigs Coupon Code

777 eCigs coupon code





777 eCigs Products & Pricing

  • 777  Mini Kit – $19.95
  • 777  Essentials Kit – $49.95
  • 777 Standard Kit –  $59.95
  • 777 Deluxe Starter Kit – $69.95
  • 777 Ultimate Kit – $119.95
  • 777 Couples Kit – $109.95
  • 777 USB Power Cig – $19.95
  • Ladies Signature Essentials Kit – $49.95
  • Ladies Signature Standard Kit – $59.95
  • Ladies Signature Deluxe Kit – $69.95
  • Ladies Signature Ultimate Kit – $99.95

777 eCigs Cartridges / E Liquid

  • 777 eCigs cartridges come in 4 nicotine levels.  Zero, Light – 6mg, Medium – 12mg, Full – 18mg
  • 16 AWESOME flavors to choose – Classic Tobacco, Traditional, 777 Blend, Gold 7, Menthol, Peppermint, Vanilla, Cofffee, Italian Creme, Chocolate, Watermelon, Apple, Carmel, Strawberry, Pina Colada, and Very Berry
  • Each E Cigarette cartridge is equal to 1 pack of cigarettes
  • Cartridges come packed in foil sealed packaging and have rubber caps installed to keep up freshness
  • 5 Pack – $8.95 / $1.80 per pack
  • 20 Pack – $32.95  / $1.65 per pack
  • 40 Pack – $43.99 / $1.10 per pack <—Best Deal
  • 80 Pack – $104 / $1.30 per pack
  • Sampler Pack All Flavors – $19.95
  • Blank Cartridges – $7.95
  • 777 E Liquids also come in 16 flavors and 4 nicotine strengths
  • 1 Bottle of E Juice is equal to 15 cartridges or packs
  • E-Liquid – $7.95 / $0.53 per pack (Plus cost of buying blank cartridges)

777 eCigs Batteries

  • All 777 Batteries are priced at $19.95
  • Batteries include a 6 month warranty
  • Batteries come in automatic and manual in 3 different sizes
  • Long Battery = 350 puffs / 102mm-104.5mm (380mAh) charging time up to 4 hours
  • Standard Battery = 250 puffs / 82mm-87mm (230mAh,280mAh) charging time 3 hours
  • Short Battery = 200 puffs / 73-78.5mm (180mAh) charging time 2 hours
  • Numerous of designs
  • Crystal LED Tips (Really nice looking)

777 eCigs Chargers

  • PCC Portable Charging Case – $22.95
  • 777 Wall Charger – $8.95
  • 777 Wall + Car Charger – $12.95 ($2.95 Savings)
  • 777 Car Charger – $6.95

777 eCigs Warranty / Guarantee

  • 777 eCigs offers a LIFETIME warranty to customers that have made a purchase within a 6 month time frame.
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

777 eCigs Review Pro’s

777 eCigs Cartrides777 eCigs Pro’s far out weight the con’s, and it’s not even close.  Let’s start with the price of starter kits.  The 777 standard starter kits only runs $44.96 after using 777 eCigs discount code “iknowecigs”.  That is the cheapest 2 battery starter kit I have found on the internet that included a car charger and 10 filters.  Customer service is fantastic.  During the review process I sent emails even late in the evening and got responses with-in 5 minutes.  All of 777 eCigs 16 flavors are AWESOME!  I did get a chance to try all of them and wasn’t disappointed with even 1 flavor.  All had great vapor production and a decent throat hit.

777 eCigs Review Con’s

Not much bad to say about 777 eCigs products.  I didn’t get a chance to use their personal charging case, but they don’t currently offer one for the ladies signature line.   If a PCC isn’t important to you, then not a big deal.  The biggest thing I didn’t  like in the 777 eCigs kit was the USB charger cord length, it’s just too short to use with the wall charger.  This seems to be the same charger that V2 Cigs uses in their kit and I just don’t like my batteries dangling around from an outlet.

777 eCigs Review Verdict

Buy It!  I really did like the experience I had with 777 eCigs.  From start to finish it truly was great.  Don’t take my word for it though, check out 777eCigs.com and get your kit.

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777 eCigs Review4.28571428571Chad2013-02-01 00:10:20In This 777 eCigs review I cover the in’s and out’s of 777 eCigs electronic cigarettes. Find out why you might get lucky with 777 eCigs.

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777 eCigs Review

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