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777 Bullet Starter Kit Review

777 Bullet Starter Kit Review What can I say, the 777 Bullet is one of the absolute best starter kits I have seen yet. At $49.95, it especially affordable, and actually cheaper than a lot of others. When you compare this against more expensive...


777 eCigs e Hookah Review

777 eCigs e Hookah Review Didn't really know where to begin with this review so let me start off by saying the 777 eCigs e Hookah is pretty freaking cool.  There I said it.  Now I sound like a 13-year-old kid describing a new bike he got for...


777 eCigs Coupon Code

777 eCigs Coupon Code Use 777 eCigs Coupon Code iknowecigs to save 15% on any purchase made on 777eCigs.com.  777 eCigs coupon code iknowecigs can be used to buy Triple Seven Ecigs starter kits, cartridges, e-liquids, and accessories.  777 eCigs...


Best Electronic Cigarette Couples Kits

Valentine's Day was first celebrated in 496 to commemorate the martyred Saint Valentine, but today, Valentine's Day has evolved to become a celebration of all things love and romance. If you're in a relationship, or even just have a secret crush,...


777 eCigs eShot Review

I just got my 777 eCigs eShot in the mail today and was super impressed with it.  777 eCigs is super pro active in getting the latest and greatest e cigarette products in their product line and this is a really nice addition.  With the e Shot...


777 eCigs Review

777 eCigs Review 777 eCigs are a new and upcoming brand of electronic cigarettes.  They are in my opinion one of the more economical brands of ecigs on the market today.  777 eCigs offers 2 different styles of starter kits, the 777 eCigs standard...