Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Why I Do Real Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Why I Do Real Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Why I Do Real Electronic Cigarette Reviews

electronic cigarette reviewsLet me start out by saying at one time I was just like you. On the search for the perfect electronic cigarette.  I too had to use other people’s electronic cigarette reviews during that time to try to figure things out. So I completely understand how hard it can be to find truthful information in regards to any product online, but especially e cigarettes. If you type in electronic cigarette review right now in Google, you’ll come across 41 million instant results. Looking at just the first page alone you can instantly tell it’s filled with fake Google plus profiles and really just non helpful ecig reviews in general. Not only have most these sites ripped their content from another site, but the content they’ve ripped off quite frankly is hard to read and doesn’t make sense to the average person.  Especially someone who has never used an electronic cigarette.


On iknowecigs.com I personally try every brand of electronic cigarette you’ll find. I do not make up or copy other people’s reviews in effort to promote electronic cigarette brands or push content out quickly. I am passionate about helping others find that “right” brand and hopefully help with the transition from traditional tobacco cigarettes to ecigs. If there is something I understand, it’s the importance of having genuine and helpful information. So my commit not only to myself but you is to not give you a bunch of other people’s re-spun garbage as my electronic cigarette review, but to actually give my hands on personal experiences with these electronic cigarette products and companies.


Which brings me to my back story…


Chad And AmandaSo going on 3 years now I have been actively promoting smokers to switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Why you may ask? Great question! Most of my passion is driven from childhood memories. From the time I was 8, I lived with a smoker. Not only did she smoke, but she smoked everywhere, including the house and car. I hated it! I’d go to school smelling like pure smoke and people thought I smoked cause the smell was so embedded in my clothes. Really it was embedded into everything. I found that out when I finally moved out of that house to go to college and all my stuff was so stained from the tar, that I had to trash it and start over. So from that point on I vowed to never live or deal with a smoker again, that was until I met Amanda, who is now my wife. She unfortunately was addicted to smoking and her brand of choice was Marlboro Ultra Lights. For a little while I thought the smoking might be a deal breaker, until 1 year on vacation we came across something we had never seen or heard of before, the “Electronic Cigarette”. We were in a mall in Pensacola, FL when we ran across a Smoke 51 Kiosk. I’d never been so excited and amazed by a product. So I asked my wife if she’d try it, and she did. The rest is history. People say, Chad you don’t smoke, so why do you do electronic cigarette reviews? I do electronic cigarette reviews because e cigarettes changed my life. I’ve now helped over 5,000 people make the switch and I couldn’t be happier. So again why do I do electronic cigarette reviews?




I do ecig reviews for YOU. Not because I have to, but because I want to. I’m a real human being that is just very passionate about the electronic cigarette industry. My wife’s real name is Amanda and I have 4 beautiful girls, Brianna (10), Kayla (9), Madelyn (4), and Carly (10 months). I started / created iknowecigs.com for the sole purpose of cranking out fun, unique, and useful content pertaining to electronic cigarettes.  You might be asking yourself….


Why listen to Chad’s electronic cigarette reviews?


I have experience with over 30+ brands of electronic cigarettes and counting. Not all the brands make it on iknowecigs.com, because I find it counter productive to write  negative electronic cigarette reviews. If I don’t like something I typically just don’t write about it. To give you and idea of some of the brands I’ve tried here are a few of my favorite electronic cigarette reviews…


V2 CigsV2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review
Smoke Fifty OneSmoke 51 Electronic Cigarette Review
South Beach SmokeSouth Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review
Green SmokeGreen Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review
Apollo EcigsApollo Ecigs Electronic Cigarette Review
KraveKrave Electronic Cigarette Review
Bull SmokeBull Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review
777 eCigs777 eCigs Electronic Cigarette Review
Ozone SmokeOzone Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review
Vapor CoutureVapor Couture Electronic Cigarette Review
SmokeStikSmokeStik Electronic Cigarette Review
SmokeTipSmokeTip Electronic Cigarette Review
Halo CigsHalo Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review
WetFlameWetFlame Electronic Cigarette Review
Panda EcigsPanda Ecigs Electronic Cigarette Review


and that’s not even close to everything I’ve tried. I want to be clear, I’m not trying to say I know more than the next guy. But I do want you to know all the electronic cigarette reviews on iknowecigs.com are by me and that I’m not some fake or shady character trying to sucker you into buying any product. 


I Do More Than Just Electronic Cigarette Reviews


On top of doing electronic cigarette reviews on iknowecigs, I also like to run giveaways.  So if you’re looking to get a free electronic cigarette starter kit, you can have a chance every month.  All you need to do is join our mailing list.  For more info on that check out the video below…



One Last Thing…


I want to hear from you!  If you have questions or comments or want to talk about anything relating to electronic cigarettes I’m always game.  Do no hesitate to reach out to me.  I created this site for you, so you’re not bothering me.


If you didn’t want to read all that up there…

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