Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Pink Electronic Cigarette Options | Best Pink Electronic Cigarettes

Pink Electronic Cigarette Options | Best Pink Electronic Cigarettes

Pink Electronic Cigarette Options | Best Pink Electronic Cigarettes


Pink Electronic Cigarette options are apparently becoming more and more important for consumers, thus I wanted to share some of the best pink electronic cigarettes on the market.  I didn’t realize that most electronic cigarette brands don’t offer a pink battery as an option with their product lines.  I had to do a little digging to figure out what I would consider the most awesome pink electronic cigarette batteries.


Pink Electronic Cigarette Vapor CoutureVapor Couture – Vapor Couture is a sister to very big brother V2 Cigs.  It is the ladies line of ladies line for electronic cigarettes.  They do offer a pink electronic cigarette battery that is called rose gold.  The rose gold battery can be picked up in any of Vapor Couture’s starter kits or can be bought à la carte. The rose gold design is a pinkish gold feel that is super elegant.  With this battery you can mix and match different cartridge designs and with every puff the gold jeweled tip lights up.  One of the best looking pink electronic cigarette batteries on the market.


Vapor Couture Review | Vapor Couture Coupon | http://vaporcouture.com


Pink Electronic Cigarette 777 eCigs777 eCigs – 777 eCigs has so many options it’s freaking amazing.  They do have a ladies line of electronic cigarettes and I really like the rhinestone pink and white battery.  It is a 510 ego threaded design battery that’s for someone who is looking for a pink electronic cigarette battery with a little blingity blang.  This battery style comes in 3 battery sizes ranging from 650 mAH to 1100 mAH so there is size for everyone.


777 Ecigs Review | 777 Ecigs Coupon | http://777eCigs.com


pink electronic cigarette apollo ecigsApollo Ecigs – Apollo Ecigs is one of my favorite electronic cigarette brands.  They have a nice range of electronic starter kits that are fitting for a complete newbie to electronic cigarettes to even a seasoned e cigarette pro.  Their Superior Ego Starter Kit is one most popular starter kits they have for sure.  It comes with 2 ego 900 mAH batteries that can customized with multiple colors including pink. This is one of the most affordable pink electronic cigarette starter kits online that includes two eGo batteries.


Apollo Ecigs Review | Apollo Ecigs Coupon | http//ApolloEcigs.com


Pink Electronic Cigarette SmokeStikSmokeStik – SmokeStik is another brand I really really like.  They are a Canadian based electronic cigarette company that offers some great products.  Their pink electronic cigarette battery is a Perl pink design with a clear jewel tip.  It looks pretty freaking sweet with bot the a white or black cartridge on it.  This battery can be purchased à la carte or via SmokeStik’s Pink Starter Kit.


SmokeStik Review | SmokeStik Coupon | http://SmokeStik.com


So that is my take on some of the best pink electronic cigarette batteries.  I’m a fan of each of these electronic cigarette brands and have personally tried all these products.  If you found the right pink e cigarette for you give me a shout below and let me know.  Also if you have time give me some social love to the left please….





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