Electronic Cigarette Reviews | PG VG Buyers Guide | Find The Best Electronic Cigarette

PG VG Buyers Guide | Find The Best Electronic Cigarette

PG VG Buying Guide

If your reading this post you are most likely pretty familiar with electronic cigarettes and are looking for a certain base that suites your e juice or cartridge needs.    If you’re not sure what PG and VG are then check out my article that explains the differences in VG and PG.  If you already know the key information for these two chemicals  and are just wanting to find the right electronic cigarette brand with your ideal mix then you’re in the right place.  Below I have listed electronic cigarette brands and their PG VG ratios.



Electronic Cigarette PG to VG Guide By Brand


Prosmoke – 100% VG | Learn More

Blu – 100% VG | Learn More

Firebrand – 30/70 PG to VG | Learn More

Apollo Ecigs – 60/40 PG to VG | Learn More

WetFlame – 60/40 PG to VG | Learn More

777 eCigs e-Shisha – 80/20 PG to VG | Learn More

Breathe Fresh Ecigs – 80/20 PG to VG | Learn More

Panda Ecigs – 80/20 PG to VG | Learn More

Zerocig – 80/20 PG to VG | Learn More

SmokeStik – 80/20 PG to VG | Learn More

Volcanoecigs – 80/20 PG to VG | Learn More

SmokeTip – No Reply | Learn More

Halo Cigs – Proprietary info but  higher PG to VG ratio | Learn More

South Beach Smoke – 80/20 PG to VG | Learn More

Eversmoke – 80/20 PG to VG | Learn More

Green Smoke – Trade secret | Learn More


V2 Cigs – 100% PG | Learn More

Bull Smoke – 100%PG | Learn More

777 eCigs – 100% PG | Learn More

Vapor Coutour – 100% PG | Learn More

Vantage Vapor – 100% PG | Learn More

NJOY – 100% PG | Learn More

White Cloud – 100% PG | Learn More

Smoke 51 – 100% PG | Learn More

VaporX – 100% PG | Learn More

Greenpuffer – 100% PG | Learn More

Krave – 100% PG | Learn More

Help keep this list alive.  If you have an e cigarette brand you would like researched or listed please give me a shout.  The goal of this guide to help others find the right blend of PG and VG in their electronic cigarette cartridges and e liquids.




6 Comments/Reviews

  • Paul says:

    Your Review :I would love to know what the ratio for Logic brand ecigs, particularly Black Label. Also, if you or anyone else has a clue if their mix can purchased in bottles, perhaps under a different trade name, or what the closest thing on the market is to their RY4 I would really appreciate it.

    • Chad says:

      Paul I’ll try to find out the PG VG ratio on the Logic Black Label, but in regards to Ruyan 4 I like 777 eCigs caramel e liquid pretty good which will run you $7.95 plus shipping. I haven’t mixed my own liquids or anything like that so maybe someone else can help you there.

    • Chad says:


      Here is the response I got from Logic.


      There is no VG in our products.

      Michael Fiducia
      Director of Merchandising
      Logic Technology Development, LLC
      Logic Technology Development

  • Linfa says:

    Your Review : I am noticing that these company’s (except for one – Virgin) does not give you the break down of the ingredients in the product…you have printed that Blu is 100%VG but when you go into the website it states is is a mixture of BOTH? I looked and looked but could not find a pg%/vg% AND AS FOR GREEN SMOKE (TRADE SECRET OR NOT) DON’T THEY HAVE TO TELL YOU WHAT IS IN THEIR PRODUCT???
    Thank you Libbey

    • Chad says:


      I’m going off the info these companies sent me via email. It’s possible some companies have changed their e juices though. In regards to Green Smoke I asked and they told me that it was a trade secret. I always suggest any questions you have to direct them directly to these companies. Most will answer in detail with what is in their e liquids no questions asked. I’m not sure what the laws are however on disclosing their info though.

  • Nedhunuri says:

    Hey joey I just bought a green smoke kit the other day and am cutrrnely waiting for it, just wondering with battery performance when you say 5 hours of use, is that with a fair amount of smoking it or is it just 5 hours no matter really what?