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Is Smoke 51 Good

Is Smoke 51 GoodIs Smoke 51 good is a more than fair question to ask or to be searching for when you’re looking to buy an electronic cigarette and unsure of the company.  One thing you might have already noticed is that Smoke 51 has a few mixed reviews online.  I guess I should be happy my wife and I didn’t look online prior to purchasing cause if we had our decision might have been swayed.  What we did was listen to an actual Smoke 51 Customer who said BUY IT.  At the time of purchase we had zero knowledge of electronic cigarettes, we didn’t know what was a good price to pay or even what other brands were on the market.  What we did know is that we loved our kids and didn’t want to expose them to second-hand smoke anymore so that drove our buying decision more than anything really.  Below might answer some questions you have about Smoke Fifty One.


So is Smoke 51 good?  Yes.  My wife after trying over 25 different brands of electronic cigarettes still uses Smoke 51 as her primary electronic cigarette.


Why does your wife like Smoke 51 so well?  Smoke 51 helped her quit smoking tobacco cigarettes in 1 day.  Yes she quit smoking tobacco cigarette in 1 day using Smoke 51’s Duo Kit which is now call the Smoke 51 2.0 kit due to some legal issues with the name.


How much did you pay for your starter kit from Smoke 51?  Back in summer of 2011 is when we bought our Smoke 51 starter kit at a mall kiosk in Pensacola, FL.  The kit was over priced at $150 and we bought.


What does your wife like best about Smoke 51’s products?  My wife’s biggest qualm with all electronic cigarette brands is that she doesn’t feel they taste like tobacco cigarettes.  Smoke 51 cartridges are the closest she’s came to getting the closest sensation of a regular tobacco cigarette.


How does Smoke 51 compare in price vs other brands of electronic cigarettes?  Overpriced to a point.  I’m cheap, so it’s in my nature to go for a less expensive product.  Smoke 51 is a little more pricey than other brands, but you do get what you pay for, not to sound cliché.


What is the best Smoke 51 starter kit?  I’m not a big fan of 3 piece starter kits so stay away from the Trio.  If you’re wanting a good starter kit go with Smoke 51’s 2.0.  You will not be disappointed.


Do you know of any good coupons or discounts Smoke 51 is offering?  Smoke 51 offers a 30% off coupon that you can use every single time you make a purchase on Smoke51.com.  Smoke 51 Coupon DSC-16155 is good for 30% off all future purchases.

smoke 51 coupon


Hopefully this will help you a little more in your decision-making process when choosing an electronic cigarette brand.  Smoke 51 is a brand that is most defiantly worth a try .  Visit Smoke 51 and start enjoying the benefits of electronic cigarettes.


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