Electronic Cigarette Reviews | How To Charge The Krave 401 Electronic Cigarette

How To Charge The Krave 401 Electronic Cigarette

How To Charge The Krave 401 Electronic Cigarette

How To Charge The Krave 401

I get asked the question how to charge the Krave 401 weekly.  While the Krave 401 Electronic Cigarette is a rechargeable electronic cigarette offered on Kraveit.com, there is one small problem.  It doesn’t come with a freaking charger.  For $12.95 you only get 1 rechargeable battery and 1 filter.  That is it!  Not to worry, not all is lost.  You can still buy a charger and at a discounted price by using a Krave Electronic Cigarette coupon code.  So what you’ll want to purchase is the Krave Wall Charger that is compatible with Krave Classic, Krave 1000, Krave 1001, Krave 301, and of course the Krave 401.  I’d also recommend buying the Krave Classic starter kit since it’s only $8.33 after using Krave Coupon DSC-16155 and it comes with a battery, filter, and USB Charger that will work with your Krave 401.  You can also buy just the Krave USB but it’s more expensive then the Krave Classic and doesn’t come with the extra’s so I wouldn’t recommend buying just the USB alone.


Option 1:  Krave Wall Charger

Krave Wall Charger

Option 2: Krave Classic

krave classic


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  • Aaron says:

    Your Review :I bought a krave e cig classic and it’s not workin what’s wrong with it? With out the tip on the light stays on for a wile when the tips on it only lights up 2-5 seconds when u take a puff and nothing comes out. Any tips or know what’s wrong with it?