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How Long Do Electronic Cigarettes Last

How Long Do Electronic Cigarettes Last

There are two factors to consider when asking the question, “How long do electronic cigarettes last?”  One of those factors is battery capacity and the other is cartridge capacity.  With this question I’ll touch on both cause both are extremely important when picking an electronic cigarette.  I’ll also try to stay as non technical as possible.  Keep in mind, that the biggest thing to remember about the sustainability of electronic cigarettes is that it varies greatly from person to person.


How Long Do Electronic Cigarettes Last



How Long Do Electronic Cigarettes Last In Terms Of Hours / Puffs

Here is the short of the long for this question.  Typically the bigger the battery you purchase the more time you’ll have between chargers.  A standard electronic cigarette battery which looks and pretty much feels like a traditional tobacco cigarette will get around 2 hours of usage or around 150 to 200 puffs.  There are a bunch of different designs of batteries but this is a sweet spot for most smokers looking for a more authentic feeling electronic cigarette.   If this is not you there are a bunch of other options, like going with an Ego style battery. These style batteries are less authentic feeling but packs more power.  In fact, an Ego battery has as much as 5 to 6 times more power vs a standard e cigarette battery.  Typical usage is around 600 to 1000 puffs depending on what size battery you pick.


How Long Do Electronic Cigarettes Last In Terms Of Filters / Cartidges

Electronic cigarette cartridges vary from brand to brand but a typical filter will get a user 150 to 250 puffs.   In relation to tobacco cigarettes this is about a pack to a pack and half per cartridge. This is typically the most important factor to look at when purchasing an electronic cigarette, simply because this is where your money will ultimately be spent in the long run.


How Long Do Electronic Cigarettes Last In Terms Of Battery Life

The life of and electronic cigarette battery is around 250 to 300 charge cycles.  This is something to keep in mind as well when buying an electronic cigarette.  A good rule of thumb is you’ll need to replace your electronic cigarette battery every year.  


My Recommendations

If you’re looking for the more traditional style battery V2 Cigs is the way to go.  They have a great line of products and their V2 EX Battery line is nothing short of amazing
If you’re wanting a ego style battery I really like Apollo Ecigs and 777 eCigs products.  Both offer a bunch of different options and both are pretty comparable in prices. 


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