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Extend The Life Of Your ECigarette Battery

7 Tips To Get More Life Out Of Your ECigarette Battery

Extend Ecigarette Battery Life

Use your Battery Regularly
Much like why you should exercise regularly, e-cig batteries also really benefit from regular use. The more they perform, the better power will flow throughout the battery’s cells. The lithium-ion batteries found in e-cigs are designed to be used daily, and that’s why they’re also common in mobile devices.


Be mindful with Where you Keep your ECigarette Battery
While this may appear to be common sense, we occasionally get careless and don’t think about how something could possibly be harming our ecig devices. In regard to e-cig batteries, direct sunlight as well as heat can dramatically affect their lifespan. And it’s well known how electricity and water don’t mix, so keep your battery away from water. You should also be mindful of any impacts, and protect your e-cig battery from being dropped or otherwise sustaining a huge hit.


Change Your E-cig Battery Before It’s Drained
This is why many vapers maintain a rotation of batteries on hand for their e-cig. Waiting until the battery is fully drained before plugging it into a charger will most definitely reduce its life. Ideally, you ought to recharge it when you’ve used ½ the available power but definitely when you begin noticing a loss in power.You can compare your e-cig battery to a train – it’s less of a challenge for a slow-moving train to speed up than for a stationary train to start moving in originally. Likewise, it’s much easier for a battery with some life left in it to be recharged than it is for one that’s completely dead.


Don’t Store your Battery With Less than 50% Charge
Any batteries you store for future use needs to have a full charge. Storing them with 50% or less charge will result in them to drain faster. Just like completely draining your battery before recharging, your e-cig battery will need to work harder to provide the power you need to use your device. Like anything, the harder it has to work, the shorter its lifespan will be.


Disconnect Cartomizer from Battery When Not in Use
This is really only needed when you won’t be utilizing your device for an longer time-frame. When the cartomizer (…which contains the heating element and nicotine liquid) is attached to the battery, it’s always draining a little bit of juice, even when you’re not using your e-cig. That’s why disconnecting the cartomizer and battery extends some time between charges, which obviously extends the amount of recharges you can do and by extension, the time before you’ll need to replace the battery.


Unscrew Electronic Cigarette Battery When Finished Charging
When you’re done charging, take the battery off of the charger at the earliest opportunity. Doing so will ensure you’re not overcharging the battery, which can overwork the device and reduce its lifespan. The only time this doesn’t apply is when you’re charging the battery the very first time where it’s suggested you leave it on the charger for an extra hour or so.


Keep Threads and Contacts on Cartomizer and Battery Clean

Yet another thing you need to do to ensure long battery life is ensure the contacts between your battery and the cartomizer stay clean. Over time, they will either get dirty as well as moist, which can ruin an e-cig battery. Use a cotton swab, Q-tip or alcohol pad and periodically clean the threads and contacts where your cartomizer and battery hook together.


Each one of these 7 ACTIONS is applicable to both automatic and manual electronic cigarette batteries. However, there are specific actions with respect to the type of battery you’re using.Automatic Battery – Slightly unscrew the battery from the cartomizer every time you’re finished vaping or otherwise making use of your device. Leaving these components connected tightly will drain your e-cig battery much faster. While I recommend you do this for long-term storage (i.e. more than a few hours), it should always be done if you have an automatic battery.Manual Battery – Be sure you don’t press the button on the battery too hard. Doing so can cause the button to stick, or even fall into the battery.

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