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Electronic Cigars | Why To Use Electronic Cigars

Carly Grace Sheppard

I just celebrated the birth of my 4th child, Carly Grace Sheppard, on 04/21/2013 at Middle Tennessee Medical Center in Murfreesboro, TN.  At the birth of all my earlier children I have went outside of the hospital and celebrated by smoking a cigar with my dad.  I’ve never really been a fan of cigars in the first place and usually feel icky after smoking them.  Not sure where the tradition comes from but it is still a fun thing to do to celebrate and create memories.  So this time I planned on making my celebration a little more enjoyable by using electronic cigars in place of traditional cigars.

What Electronic Cigars Are The Best To Use

electronic cigar

I’ve used a few different types of electronic cigars over the past year and must say most didn’t impress.  Some brands just didn’t taste good, others didn’t feel good or were not realistic looking, and some just didn’t last.  So I went through a few brands of electronic cigars before I found one that really stood out and impressed in all 3 categories look, feel, and taste.   LOGIC Premium Electronic Cigarettes  offers “The Cuban” and it is what I finally decided to use to celebrate the birth of my child.  “The Cuban” electronic cigar is equivalent to 10 + regular cigars and can be used at your discretion.  To use LOGIC’s electronic cigar it’s as simple as taking it out of the package and removing the plastic insert at the tip.  The taste of “The Cuban” electronic cigar is by far its biggest selling point.  It’s got a subtle sweet taste that is really appealing.  Typically I don’t like a sweet taste with electronic cigars or cigarettes but it’s a different kind of sweet.  I’m told it taste just like a regular Cuban Cigar without that harsh Tobacco aftertaste.  As far as size it’s almost exactly the same size a regular cigar.    The wrapping on “The Cuban” E Cigar is also nice and it doesn’t look cheap or fake like some other brands I have tried.  Let’s not forget the vapor production on this thing.  The full, rich, and thick vapor is top-notch and will not bother anyone else around you.  If you look at the picture featured to the right of my dad and I, you can get a good idea of how an e cigar will compare to a regular cigar in authenticity.  My dad is using a real cigar on the left and I’m using an electronic cigar on the right.  It’d be pretty hard for anyone to tell the difference at a distance.  The only reason someone in close proximity would maybe able to tell it’s not the real thing is because it wouldn’t bother them or stink for a lack of a better word.

Why Use Electronic Cigars vs Regular Cigars

electronic cigarsThere are many reasons to use an electronic cigar over a regular cigar when celebrating.  One of the coolest things about using  e cigars is they can easily be saved.  So the one I smoked at the hospital I can now frame and save forever.  No 2nd hand smoke is another great feature.  If other people want to celebrate, but don’t want to smell like dirty socks these electronic cigars don’t have tar, tobacco, 2nd hand smoke, or carbon monoxide.  No need to “know” how to smoke a regular cigar, these are extremely simple to use.  No worrying about buying the “perfect” cigar.  No biting off tips or worrying with lighters or matches.  I enjoyed using “The Cuban” by  LOGIC Premium Electronic Cigarettes to celebrate the birth of my child and I’m sure you will too.  Below I’ve listed a the main reasons to make the switch from regular cigars to electronic cigars.

Main Reasons To Use Electronic Cigars

  • No second-hand smoke so enjoy your electronic cigar without offending anyone around
  • No Cigar Cutter is necessary
  • No Humidor needed
  • The electronic cigar has no flame, no tobacco and no harmful carcinogenic ingredients
  • The tip of the electronic cigar lights up as you inhale, just like a real cigar
  • Simulated smoke is emitted as you exhale. This is only vapor and evaporates in seconds
  • No tar and other carcinogenic substances
  • No danger of second-hand smoke
  • It’s not a  fire-hazard

What other brands offer electronic cigars?

  • Smoke 51 – Offers a e cigar that will get you 2500 puffs and it’s a disposable that cost $49.95.  This cigar would be equal to  around 25 regular cigars.
  • Apollo Electronic Cigarettes – Has an electronic cigar that will last for 1500 puff that is a disposable and it cost $18.95.  This cigar is equivalent to 15 traditional cigars.
  • e-lites – Offers multiple options for e cigars on their website.
  • LOGIC – Has one of my favorite electronic cigars.  “The Cuban” only runs 19.95 and offers 1500 puffs as well.
  • SmokeTip – Offers 2 different flavors of e cigars,  the Cuban and the Havana.  There electronic cigars offer 1000 puffs and run $19.95.

Final Word

If you are wanting to try one of the best electronic cigars that I have tried to date, then “The Cuban” by  LOGIC Premium Electronic Cigarettes is what you want.  Don’t take my word for it though, visit http://www.logicecig.com/ and get your electronic cigar.



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  • Andrew says:

    How long does it last? Can you puff on it for a day or two then pick up again 3 weeks later?

    • Chad says:

      Andrew, if varies from brand to brand. I used the Logic Cigar over about a months time and it worked perfect. I’d go a few days without using it then puff on it with no problems.