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Electronic Cigarette Review Process

Electronic Cigarette Review Process

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I’ve had a few people ask what’s the electronic cigarette review process for iknowecigs.com, so I wanted to shed some light on the process.  Let me start off by saying I’m not an expert reviewer, writer, journalist, blogger or what ever else you might call someone that does a site like this one.  I saw my wife break a 15 year habit in 1 try with an Electronic Cigarette (Smoke 51 Duo)  and devoted myself to help others do the same.

Electronic Cigarette Review Factors

1.  Price –  Electronic Cigarettes should be affordable and products should not be unfairly priced.  We look at ecig prices and verify that its “fair” compared to other e-cigarette brands.  Weather its electronic cigarette starter kits, batteries, or cartridges its important that its priced right!

2.  Packaging / Shipping–  How well a product is packed and packaged is important to overall rating.  Shipping products in a timely manner and offering less expensive shipping options is a plus as well.

3.  Warranty –  Companies should stand behind their products PERIOD.  Anything can go wrong with any given product at anytime so having a peace of mind with a warranty is always nice.

4.  Customer Service – Its simple just answer the phone/emails, listen to your customers, deal with complaints and suggestions, be helpful.  Is that too much to ask?

5.  Selection – When making a purchase its always nice to have more to choose from right?

6.  Flavor / Hit –  It’s important to like the way your electronic cigarette cartridges taste, in order to be completely happy.  It doesn’t matter how cool it looks or how well its made if you don’t like the taste or the hit it gives you.

7.  User Opinions – What you think is super imperative to the electronic cigarette review process.

These reviews are not cookie cutter by any means.  I personally like V2 Cigs over any other e-cigarettes.  My wife is an avid smoke 51 user and has tried almost every brand out on the market today.  My brother in-law is vaping on Green Smoke as we speak.  What I’m trying to say is there is no “Perfect” brand of e-cigs for everyone.  Everything is subjective or opinionated but our reviews are geared to help you make a better decision when purchasing e cigarettes.


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