Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes

The question is are are smokeless cigarettes safe compared to tobacco cigarettes.  I’ll get to my personal thought’s in a moment but first let’s glance at what the medical website mayoclinic.com thinks.  According to Doctor Dale on the Mayo Clinic website, “until more is known about electronic cigarettes the safe option is to say no to electronic cigarettes.”  I find it pretty comical that Doctor Dale would rather someone continue to smoke tobacco cigarettes vs using electronic cigarettes in their place.  It is well documented that tobacco cigarettes have quite a few harmful chemicals that electronic cigarettes DO NOT.  Let’s talk about a few of these chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes.

Here are some chemicals you’ll find in tobacco smoke, and the places they are commonly used:

Butane – used in lighter fluid

Lead – used in batteries

Ammonia – commonly found in household cleaners

Arsenic – used in rat poison

Methanol – a big part of what makes up rocket fuel

Carbon Monoxide – found in car exhaust

Formaldehyde – used in embalming fluid


This list of harmful chemicals could go on and on but I think a strong point has already been made.  Bottom line is electronic cigarettes do not have these chemicals.  Without saying the word “safer” let’s go with electronic cigarettes are a “better alternative” to tobacco cigarettes.  Not that it takes much to be a better alternative to traditional cigarettes.  My personal experience with electronic cigarettes is as follows.  My wife smoked Marlboro Ultra Lights for 15 long years until she made the switch.  With in 1 days time she no longer used tobacco cigarettes and instantly our family no longer has to deal with second-hand smoke issues.  According to cancer.org, “Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemical compounds. More than 250 of these chemicals are known to be harmful, and at least 69 are known to cause cancer.”  To be able to eliminate the chance of our children being exposed to any type of smoke was a reason enough to switch.


3 Effects of Second Hand Smoke In The United States

  • 3,400 non-smokers die of lung cancer 
  • Children exposed to secondhand smoke are much more likely to be put into intensive care when they have the flu, they are in the hospital longer, and are more likely to need breathing tubes than kids who aren’t exposed to second-hand smoke
  • In the United States second-hand smoke attributes to an extra 10 billion in medical expenses per year


There is really nothing good anyone can say about tobacco cigarettes or the second-hand smoke they produce.  The fact that electronic cigarettes eliminate second-hand smoke alone is MASSIVE and enough reason to switch to them.  Bringing everything back to the original question of are electronic cigarettes safer than tobacco cigarettes, you can decide for yourself how safe are e cigarettes. I will say they are a better alternative without a question and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.