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eGo Batteries Are Awesome But…

Ego BatteryI sometimes feel that it’s Ego Batteries vs the rest of the electronic cigarette world or at least all the other types of batteries.  Reading online all the “experts” rant and rave how great the eGo batteries are and how other electronic cigarette batteries don’t compare.  I must say I do agree with this statement in a big way, cause the eGo style batteries do not compare to other batteries, in fact they are completely different and offer a much different ecig experience when it comes to using them.


Making a transition from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes can be hard enough as it is but with an eGo battery,  it’s just that much harder.  You might be asking why right?  For starters they are big and bulky and ugly in my opinion and that’s all it is my opinion.  I personally do not like the way they look.  If I was to see someone using it in public I would honestly think they were using and illegal device.  It draws to much attention for me.  On top of not being visually appealing, they are heavier and can’t be used like tobacco cigarettes.
eGo BatteryLet me be quick to clarify I do not hate the eGo, it’s just not my cup of tea.  An eGo battery does have some awesome perks like consumers can pick between a bunch of different styles for numerous of different vaping experiences.  The eGo style batteries also tend to last longer and produce more vapor compared to smaller electronic cigarette batteries.  Some people also like the fact that when using eGo batteries they are not likely to be confused with a real cigarette.  So it all comes down to preference.  Below I have a few questions for you to answer to help you decide if an eGo style electronic cigarette is right for you.


Do you want to be able to smoke your electronic cigarette like a real tobacco cigarette?  If you answered “Yes” to this question then most likely the eGo is not for you.


Do you want a longer battery life with your electronic cigarette?  Most likely you answered “Yes” to this question and this is an area the eGo shines.


Does the weight of your electronic cigarette matter?  If you answered “Yes” and you’re looking for something light then the eGo is not going to be your best bet.


Do you want heavier vapor?  If you answered “Yes” then the eGo does rock some pretty awesome vapor.


Out of all the questions above the first is probably the most important.  If you’re looking for something that closely resembles using a tobacco cigarettes the eGo isn’t  it.





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