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E Cigarettes And Drug Abuse Rebuttal

Just got done reading the worse written news article on wptv.com titled “E-cigarettes: police looking into potential drug abuse in Palm Beach County”.  I found the article a little comical because it’s very clear the person writing it, has little to no experience with electronic cigarettes and is confused what they actually do.  First and foremost they are not a “safer” alternative to tobacco cigarettes but a “better” alternative.  Throwing the term safe around is just asking for trouble.  Next you claim that people believe electronic cigarettes are the next big problem for South Florida and tell your audience to look to YouTube for validation.  The fact is any and every device on the planet can be used in a way it’s not intended and cause big problems.  How to videos are a dime a dozen and if someone want’s to smoke marijuana via their electronic cigarette or whatever other method they are going to do it.

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  • Rob Harlow says:

    Your Review : I agree with you Chad and I love the phrase “First and foremost they are not a “safer” alternative to tobacco cigarettes but a “better” alternative.If some people are addicted, then isn’t it better than they use a product with very low risk instead of smoking? Smoking for just a couple more months creates more health risk, on average, than a lifetime of using a smoke-free alternative. I personally value the innovative device and do business on it. in fact I manage. We provide information that will help you pick a health and safe ecigs. Many are against ecigs because as per naive individuals they are just like traditional cigarettes and much harmful. Imagine with 3.5 million adult users, don’t you think that if vapor contained any seriously harmful chemicals, we would have heard about it by now? But instead of getting sick, e-cigarette consumers are getting healthy, experiencing reduced coughing and wheezing, less need for a rescue inhaler, and better peak-flow meter numbers.