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Do E Cigarettes Work?

Do E Cigarettes work is probably the most common question I hear.  There are so many options in regards to trying to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.  Options include nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, pharmaceutical medications, and even lozenge’s to name a few.  E Cigarettes however are not intended to help someone quit smoking and are not FDA approved, but they did help my wife Amanda quit her nasty habit.  Going on 2 years now, she has been using E Cigarettes in the place of her Marlboro Ultra Lights for her nicotine fix.   She broke a 15 year habit of Smoking a pack a day by purchasing an electronic cigarette starter kit at a local mall on vacation.  So do E Cigarettes work….YES!

How Do E Cigarettes Work?

E Cigarettes are pretty simple devices.  They come in a few difference designs, but all basically work the same way.  My favorite designs are 2 piece models, consisting of a battery and cartridges with built-in atomizers.  The cartridges are filled with “e-liquid” which is vaporized after being heated and inhaled the same way a person would inhale smoke.  The biggest difference with what is being inhaled from E Cigarettes is it’s not SMOKE.  What is being inhaled is a “Vapor”.  So what’s the difference in Smoke and Vapor?  The biggest difference between smoke and vapor relates to the contents, or what it’s made of. Smoke is created by way of fire.  Smoke from a traditional cigarette is going to be the same as the smoke from other fires: with the addition of whatever chemicals have been added to burn. This means tar and other carcinogens, along with ash will be inhaled.  Vapor is a very different beast.  Since vapor isn’t smoke, you don’t ever have to worry about any ash, or tar being absorbed by your lungs. And because the vapor is a product of atomized eLiquid, you also don’t have to worry about carcinogens. It’s no different then the water vapor emitted from a vaporizer.

Do E Cigarettes Work Everywhere?

It’s not so much do they work everywhere, but can they be used everywhere.  My wife and I have had no problems using our electronic cigarettes in Restaurants, Bars, Bowling Alleys, Department Stores, and even at the Doctors office.  In fact our Doctors gave applause to us for using electronic cigarettes in place of traditional tobacco.  The only place that I know that it can not be used is on air lines, not that I’ve tried.

Do E Cigarettes Work With Out Nicotine?

Electronic Cigarettes do work without nicotine.  If someone is looking to stop smoking and ween themselves from nicotine but still wants the oral fixation associated with smoking, then this could be a good fit.  Also might be best for someone that’s just a social smoker.  Just to be clear, Ecigs are not designed to help a person to quit smoking but do offer a better alternative to it.

How Do E Cigarettes Work With A Budget?

E cigs most defiantly work with a person on a budget.  One of the biggest advantages of switching to Electronic Cigarettes is that they are cheaper than tobacco cigarettes.  How much cheaper varies from brand to brand.  On average a pack of cigarettes runs about $5.  Compared to Ecig cartridges that cost about $2 per filter.  Assuming a person smokes a pack a day, that’s a saving of over $1000.  And that is looking at the small picture.  Let’s not go into Dental Bills, dry cleaning, doctor’s bills, car detailing, mints, and all the other negative expenses directly related to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Do E Cigarettes Work For Everyone?

E-cigs are a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes for sure.  Does that mean vaping on E Cigarettes will work for everyone?  No.  I’ve had plenty of people tell me how much they didn’t like electronic cigarettes.  Reason varied from weight of batteries to taste of the vapor.  The fact is if someone is wanting a better alternative to traditional cigarettes but keep the oral fixation, it doesn’t get better than the Electronic Cigarette.  Do E Cigarettes work…YES!

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