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Disposable Electronic Cigarettes | Ecigs 101

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes | Ecigs 101

So Disposable Electronic Cigarettes are offered by most of the major electronic cigarette companies and are accessible almost everywhere – service stations, smoke shops, convenience stores, you name it. You can pretty much find a disposable electronic cigarette there for purchase.  They offer a simple and hassle-free approach to enjoying vaping, but are only designed to work for a single charge cycle. Typically, one disposable e cigarette is the same as 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes and , and once it’s done, you trash it.


For those that are searching for simplicity and convenience, a disposable e-cig is a reasonable choice, particularly if you don’t have access to any other electronic cigarette options. Disposables are also a nice way to get a feel for a particular electronic cigarette brands products without actually investing in a more expensive, rechargeable starter kit.  But bear in mind, it’s a great deal more expensive to buy disposable electronic cigarettes (over time) so I wouldn’t suggest making it your full-time go to option.


Pros of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

1. They are super Simple and convenient
2. There is No need to stress about refills or charging
3. They have a Lower upfront cost of around 5 to 10 bucks


Cons of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

1. Limited flavor, nicotine and design options typically
2. Lower quality, and they are a throw-and-go so they are Weaker performance when compared to most rechargeable options
3. More expensive in the long-run period


Many if not most electronic cigarette brands offer disposable and rechargeable e-cigs including: Apollo Ecigs, South Beach Smoke, Eversmoke, Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, Krave Electronic Cigarettes and a whole bunch more.  So wrapping up this whole disposable electronic cigarette thing. If you’re wanting to test a brand out and not break the bank this is a viable option. In the long run however buying a rechargeable electronic cigarette starter kit is the way to go. Especially since they are becoming more and more affordable.


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