Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Cheap E Cigarette Brands | Top 5 Most Affordable Electronic Cigarettes

Cheap E Cigarette Brands | Top 5 Most Affordable Electronic Cigarettes

cheap e cigarette brands top 5I’ve meant to take the time and do an article on of my top 5 cheap e cigarette brands  for a while.  In today’s economy most people are always looking for a deal or a way to save money.  I’ve talked many of times how important price is to me on  iknowecigs.com and that’s why I thought today is just as good as any to share my feelings on what I think are the best top 5 cheap e cigarette brands / starter kits.  I want to compare electronic cigarette starter kit prices as well as cartridge prices over a years time.  I’ll consider coupons and promotions as well as discounts these companies offer for buying in bulk or signing up for delivery programs etc.


All the information below will be based on a user smoking an average of 1 pack of cigarettes a day over a 400 day time span.  All starter kits will be 2 piece design battery starter kits that include 2 e cigarette batteries.


Cheap E Cigarette Brands Top 5

cheap e cigarette smoke 51I really didn’t think this brand could even make the top 5 but Smoke 51 surprised me again.  Even though their kits are over priced, surprising if consumers buy in bulk on Smoke51.com it’s a huge savings especially if you’re comparing it to buying tobacco cigarettes.  Buying a 400 days supply of Smoke 51 2.0 cartridges cost $699.20 after using Smoke 51 Coupon DSC-16155.  That’s averaging a $1.75 per filter per day, which is pretty freaking awesome.  Down side to Smoke 51 is their 2.0 starter kit is overpriced.  Plain and simple this kit is not worth $113.96 and that price is at using a discount code as well.  So all together the Smoke 51 cost $813.16 over a 400 day time span.  I honestly thought this would be one of the more expensive brands but it surprised me and that’s why Smoke 51 is in my Top 5 Cheap E Cigarette Brands.  Visit Smoke51.com  for more information.


Smoke 51 Price Break Down

Smoke 51 2.0 Starter Kit – $113.96 after coupon

400 Cartridges – $699.20 – after bulk discount and coupon


Total Cost – $813.16


Just a side note, this month I’m doing a giveaway for the Smoke 51 2.0 via YouTube if you want a chance at a free electronic cigarette starter kit.

cheap e cigarette apollo ecigsIf $813.16 is a little steep for your blood than Apollo Ecigs might better suite your needs.  The kit that I wanted to highlight on ApolloEcigs.com is their Extreme Starter Kit that is super affordable.  The Apollo Extreme Starter Kit only cost $41.21 after using Apollo Ecigs coupon code “iknowecigs”, so it’s one of the best deals hands down for an e cigarette starter kit.  On top of having such an awesomely priced starter kit, Apollo also has really affordable cartridges.  A 400 day supply of Apollo cartomizers runs $750 after bulk discount and coupon.  It is a little more pricey vs Smoke 51 in this area.  Just gauging off the 400 day time frame it’s a little cheaper than Smoke 51 however over a longer period would cost more.  Apollo Electronic Cigarettes has some great products and I found their prices more than fair.  I that’s why I had to put them in my Top 5 Cheap E Cigarette Brands.  Visit ApolloEcigs.com for more information.


Apollo Ecigs Price Break Down

Apollo Ecigs Extreme Starter Kit – $41.21 after using promo code

400 Cartridges – $750 after using a discount code and bulk discount


Total Cost – $792.21 

cheap e cigarette v2 cigsIt’s not often that I have V2 Cigs ranked outside the #1 spot for anything.  It really surprised me to find that V2 Cigs Standard Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit wasn’t the best deal between the brands, but still one of the cheapest electronic cigarette brands overall.  The V2 Standard Kit cost $50.95 after using V2 Cigs coupon code “all4ecig15”.  This is V2 Cigs opening two battery starter kit and a site favorite.  On top of having greatly priced starter kits V2 Cigs has done a really good pricing their cartridges.  A 400 day supply of V2 Cigs cartomizers runs $539.77 after using V2 Cigs discount code “all4ecig”.   Put the kit with the carts and strech it over 400 days time and you get a total cost of $590.72.  This is a massive difference from the previous 2 brands.  Another thing I wanted to say to be fair to V2 Cigs, is that they are constantly running site wide sales that offer even more discounts that could possibly project them into the number one spot.  Even without considering their monthly promotions V2 Cigs still landed in my Top 5 Cheap E Cigarette brands.  Visit V2Cigs.com for more information.


V2 Cigs Price Break Down

V2 Cigs Standard Starter Kit – $50.95 after using V2 Cigs Coupon

400 Cartridges – $539.77 after using V2 Cigs Discount codes


Total Cost – $590.72


On a side note, I give away a one Free V2 Ultimate Starter Kit every month.  If you want a chance at winning one, just join my mailing list via my sidebar.

cheap e cigarette 777 ecigsComing in at number 2 is an electronic cigarette brand that has so much to buy on its site.  777 eCigs offers everything from electronic hookah’s to a ladies slim line ecig and really everything in between.  Today I’m talking about their standard starter kit which cost $50.96 after using triple seven ecigs coupon code “iknowecigs”.  Their 400 day supply of cartridges cost $520 with a bulk discount and no coupon needed.  That’s a sick price considering that’s 400 cartridges averaging $1.30 per filter.  One thing I wanted to note about buying in bulk from 777 eCigs is that you can only pick tobacco or menthol flavors in the 80 pack.  With that aside you combine the kit with the carts and you’re looking at a total cost $570.96.  That’s why I had to include 777 eCigs  in my top 5 cheap e cigarette brands.  Visit 777eCigs.com for more information.


777 eCigs Price Break Down

777 eCigs Standard Starter Kit – $50.96 after coupon

400 Cartridges – $520


Total Cost – $570.96

cheap e cigarette smoketipThe number 1 ranked cheap e cigarette brand really stunned me.  SmokeTip makes switching to electronic cigarette super affordable by offering a FREE starter kit with the purchase of 100 cartridges.  As far as I can tell there is no other company that offers this deal.  The only thing more impressive then getting free stuff for buying cartridges is the price of them when buying in bulk cartomizers them-self.  To buy 400 cartridges is only $558.80.  SmokeTip doesn’t have the cheapest price per filter cost. Considering you get a free starter kit every-time you place an order for 100 cartridges though propels them to the top spot and what I think is the number one ranked cheap e cigarette brand.  Visit SmokeTip.com for more information.


SmokeTip Cost BreakDown

SmokeTip Starter Kit – Free with purchase of 100+ cartridges

400 Cartridges – $558.80


Total Cost – $558.80


I hope this list gives you a little insight on some of what I think are more affordable brands of electronic cigarettes.  Keep in mind I based all my findings off purchasing a 2 battery starter kit, with 400 cartridges.  If you’re looking to cash in on the best deals, buying in bulk is your best friend.  If you’ve found a deal or know of a brand that you think is deserving of being considered as top 5 cheap e cigarette contender, please share it below.

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    Politecigs are the most “cheapest” affordable on the market without losing any quality. In fact have a better quality then your most expensive name brands. I have tried them all. Polite-cig 1200 Puff is the best ever. 5 stars *****