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Best Vanilla E Juice | Top 3 Vanilla E Liquid Brands

best vanilla e juice

If you’re like me, then you love you some vanilla flavored e juice.  Honestly I’ve found very few people who share my same opinion of it, so I’m glad you’re here. Being vanilla is my favorite flavor of e liquid, I’ve tried well over 20 brands of e liquids and so I wanted to share what I feel are the Best Vanilla E Juice options on the market.  Below are my top 3 favorite vanilla e juices.


Best Vanilla E Juice Top 3

Vapor Zone Very Vanilla

Vapor Zone Very Vanilla E JuiceComing in at #1 best vanilla e juice is Vapor Zone.  Vapor Zone is awesome when it comes to selection and so of course they have a Vanilla e juice in their line.  What’s unique about Vapor Zone is you can customize your Vanilla experience in countless ways by mixing it with other flavors.  Me personally I like to keep it simple and get 3 shots of the Very Vanilla in 3.6%, but that’s just me.  When it comes to price, it’s also the cheapest of the 3 brands I’m mentioning today in this post.  A 30ml of Very Vanilla e liquid cost 14.99 which breaks down to 50 cents per ml.  The only downside to buying from Vapor Zone is they custom mix your e juice to order, so it can take a day or two extra to get it in the mail.  The wait is well worth it though, trust me.  To learn more about Vapor Zone Very Vanilla E Juice, visit VaporZone.com.

V2 Cigs Vanilla

V2 Cigs Vanilla E JuiceComing in at # 2 best vanilla e juice is V2 Cigs.  V2 Cigs is my personal brand of choice and what I use on the regular.  They don’t offer nowhere near the amount of e juice options that Vapor Zone does, but they do have a Vanilla e-liquid in their line.  You can purchase it in either a 25ml bottle or 50ml bottle.  I always buy mine in the larger size, cause it’s a way better deal.  If you buy a 50ml bottle of V2 Cigs Vanilla E Juice, it’ll cost $26.95 after using a V2 Cigs Coupon or 53 cents per ml.  As you can see it’s a little more expensive per ml of e juice, but it’s well worth it.  To learn more about V2 Cigs Vanilla E Juice, visit V2Cigs.com.

777 eCigs Vanilla

777 eCigs vanilla e juiceComing in at #3 best vanilla e juice is 777 eCigs.  777 eCigs is a brand that really no one talks about online, but they have some really awesome products, including their Vanilla E-Eliquid.  I’ve had the pleasure of trying all 777 eCigs e juice and e shisha and of all the flavors their Vanilla E Juice was the best.  777 eCigs e juice is sold in 15ml bottles at 7.95 per bottle or 53 cents per ml.  So again this is a super fair price.  One thing I wanted to mention about 777 Ecigs e juice is that currently their bottles are not child proof, which is a little concerning, but I’ve been told they are converting them over now.  To learn more about 777 eCigs Vanilla E Juice, visit 777ecigs.com.


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