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Best Smoke 51 Deal

smoke 51 one best dealIf you are thinking about making an electronic cigarette purchase but just not really sure where to start, then you’re in the same boat my wife and I were in 2 years ago.  It’s tough to figure out what brand to choose and commit to spending money especially when you think it’s not going to work.  To this day my wife Amanda still uses electronic cigarette brand Smoke 51 and it was her original brand of choice 2 years ago.  She has since tried well over 25 other brands but still uses Smoke Fifty One so that’s why I speak so highly of them.


I contacted Smoke 51 a few month’s back and ask them if they could give me a special promotion for my site so I could ease the financial burden of switching to electronic cigarettes and being the great company they are they obliged.  For and unknown amount of time you can purchase the Smoke Fifty One 2.0 for a pretty massively discounted price.  In conjunction with using Smoke 51 Coupon “DSC-16155” the Smoke 51 2.0 1 Battery Kit will only run $62.96.  This kit normally runs $104.95 which I find priced way too high, but the new soft price is by far the BEST DEAL for any Smoke 51 product found on Smoke51.com today.


How to get the Smoke 51 2.0 at a discounted price?  It’s simple, just follow the exclusive offer link on this page or the side bar of iknowecigs.com.  This will bring you to a special landing page that offers the Smoke Fifty One 2.0 at the price of $89.95.  At time of check out input Smoke 51 Coupon “DSC-16155” to save an extra 30% on your purchase bringing the final price to $62.96 which is a pretty good deal considering what I paid for my wife’s kit.  You can not find this deal directly on Smoke51.com, you have to follow this link to get the discounted 2.0 Starter Kit price.


Smoke Fifity One Best Deal

This is really a great deal if you’re considering going with Smoke Fifty One for your electronic cigarette needs.  Compared to other brands I’ve always felt they are a little over priced so with this new-found discount I’m extremely pleased!

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