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Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

Electronic Cigarette Brands…How to Pick?

electronic cigarette brandsChances are that if your reading this you a fairly new to  e cigs or looking for new electronic cigarette brands to try.  The truth of it all is that the best electronic cigarette will depend on what YOU like.  Do you prefer a automatic battery vs manual battery?  Do you like a sweeter tasting tobacco flavor or a heavier thicker fuller flavor?  Do you want a 2 piece or 3 piece design electronic cigarette?  These are all important factors to consider  when comparing electronic cigarette brands and that’s just a few.  E cig reviews can be an awesome place to start when on the hunt for the right brand.

Top Rated Electronic Cigarette Brands

Coming in electronic cigarette brand smoke 51at number 5 is electronic cigarette brand Smoke Fifty One.  Most other review sites comparing electronic cigarette brands have Smoke 51 low on the totem poll and some not at all.  Smoke 51 has some great products, one of my favorites being the 2 piece design Smoke 51  Duo also known as the Smoke 51 2.0.  The Smoke 51 2.0 two battery kit runs $113.96 afterelectronic cigarette starter kit smoke 51 duor coupon or you can try the 1 battery kit for $73.46 and that is a little on the high priced side compared to other basic starter kits.  I highly recommend buying a starter kit that comes with at least 2 batteries for optimal use.  What Smoke 51 has going extremely well  for them is their fantastic tasting cartridges.  Out of all the ecig brands tried to date, it  has the hardest hit and most realistic taste when compared to smoking traditional analog cigarettes.  That is why Smoke 51 is in our top 5 electronic cigarette brands.  Visit Smoke51.com for more info.

electronic cigarette brand wetflameComing in at number 4 is electronic cigarette brand WetFlame.  Wetflame is another brand that we find undervalued on other sites.  After reviewing the WetFlame Hydro and WetFlame Nova starter kits I realized both are fantastic options for anyone wanting high quality e cigarettes.  The Wetflame Hydro is a 2 piece design electric cigarette that is my personal favorite of Wetflame. electronic cigarette starter kit wetflame hydro The Hydro & Nova runs $62.99 after coupon and both kits include 2 batteries.  WetFlame has some wonderful cartridges and liquids that offer a full flavor and that also gives a smoker that tickle in the back of the throat that so many other brands DO NOT.  Out of all the other e cigarettes brands this one takes the vape.  High quality product, priced right, and great cartridges and liquids.  That is why WetFlame is in our top 5 electronic cigarette brands.  Visit Wetflamecigs.com for more info.

Electronic Cigarette Brand South Beach SmokeComing in at number 3 is electronic cigarette brand South Beach Smoke.  South Beach Smoke is one of the more popular brands online and for good reason.  The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus Starter Kit is another great starter kit that we had the pleasure of testing and really enjoyed.  The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus is the middle of the road starter electronic cigarette starter kit south beach smoke deluxe pluskit that South Beach Smoke offers.  It runs $80.99 after coupon and includes 2 batteries.  They also offer a wide variety of cartridge flavors, 10 currently.  If your looking for a convenient way to carry and charge your batteries at all times, South Beach Smoke does offer a personal charging case or PPC and  this is a nice option to have for someone who is always on the go.  That is why South Beach Smoke is in our top 5 electronic cigarette brands.  Visit Southbeachsmoke.com for more info.

electronic cigarette brand eversmokeComing in at number 2 is electronic cigarette brand Eversmoke.  Eversmoke is the baby brother of South Beach Smoke and is only been on the market for about a year.  So why pick Eversmoke over South Beach Smoke right?  Let’s start with its better priced at $71.99 for the Eversmoke premium starter kit which is their most popular starter kit.  Eversmoke electronic cigarette starter kit eversmoke premiumdoesn’t offer as many flavors as South Beach Smoke but in comparison the flavor of the Eversmoke cartridges are better.  Eversmoke also offers a personal charging case that is always a nice option to have, if your out and about a lot and need to keep your esmokes charged and ready.  That is why Eversmoke is in our top 5 electronic cigarette brands.  Visit Eversmoke.com for more info.

electronic cigarette brand v2 cigsComing in at number 1 is electronic cigarette brand V2 Cigs.  V2 cigarettes are the best quality ecigs on the market today hands down and my personal brand of choice.  My favorite kit that V2 Cigs offers is the V2 Ultimate Kit that runs $152.96 after coupon.  Now unlike the other kits I speak of on my top 5 this is not a “Basic” kit but a Juggernaut of a electronic electronic cigarette starter it v2 cigs ultimate kitcigarette starter kit hints the name V2 Ultimate Kit.  After purchasing this kit you’ll need not want for any other electronic cigarette because you get it all with this kit.  3 batteries, power cig, personal charging case, multiple chargers, and a ton of cartridges….25 to be exact.  They also offer 10 different flavor cartridges so you’re bound to find the right flavor for you.  I personally love vanilla and the V2 Red.  That is why V2 Cigs is in our top 5 electronic cigarette brands.  Visit V2cigs.com for more info.

What about the other electronic cigarette brands?

There are so many electric cigarette brands on the market today.  Ultimately it’s up to you to decide what brand and options are right for your lifestyle.  Electronic cigarette reviews are a great place to start but the decision ends with you.  Green smoke, blu, prosmoke, luci, frii….the list goes on and on.  I personally recommend these brands based off my personal experience with them.  If you looking for more electronic cigarette brands check out our other electronic cigarettes reviews.