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The Best E Cigarette Experience |

Best E Cigarette Says Who?

It’s my commitment to find the best e cigarette that suits your needs and life style.  -Chad Sheppard

It’s not uncommon for me on a daily basis to get an email with the subject line reading “What is the best e cigarette?”  Granted I have NOT tested every one on the market (20 to be exact), but I’m trying to strive to help others have easier more fluid shopping experience when purchasing their own personal electronic cigarettes and maybe even save them some money while I’m at it.  Everyone puts different weight on different things when grading a product or performing a review.  Some people don’t care about price or how much it cost as long as it is the best quality.  Others might put more value on customer service and and need the item to be reasonably priced.  The point is there is no cookie cutter, perfect answer to what the best e cigarette is on the market but I’ll take a stab at it.

What’s important to consider when finding the best vapor e cigs for sale?

For me I put a lot of weight or emphasis on PRICE.  Yes, I’m Cheap!  I just want things to be priced fairly.  Why is one brand of e-cigs 3 times more then the other?  That’s what got me on this kick in the first place, when my wife bought her kit at a Mall kiosk in Florida for almost $200.  That was what we originally paid for the Smoke 51 Duo which at the time we had no clue we could get it way cheaper online and that there were so many other options.  If money is tight and your shopping on a budget I think a great place to start is with a basic starter kit.

Best E Cigarettes By Category

Top E Cigarette On a Budget

Best E Cigarette On A BudgetV2 Cigs Coupon Standard KitIf you’re like most then money matters and doesn’t grow on trees for you, and that’s OK.  That is why most companies offer a basic/standard starter kit.  The only thing I will say when purchasing a basic stater kit is make sure you get one that includes at least 2 batteries.  Having a fresh battery ready to go at all times is crucial to kicking analog cigarettes and also to having a more positive e smoking experience. My personal pick for the best e cigarette on a budget goes to the V2 Cigs standard kit.  This kit has got everything you need at at a fantastic price of $55.21 after using coupon all4ecig15.  It comes with both a manual and automatic battery so that will give you a chance to see what better suits your needs.  It also comes with a 10 day supply of cartridges that I would value at $20 alone.  Don’t take my word for it check out the best e cigarette on a budget for yourself.

Best E Cig 3 Piece Design

best e cigarette 3 piece design wetflame novaWetFlame CouponI’m not a big fan of 3 piece design e cigarettes, or at least I wasn’t until I tried the Wetflame Nova.  I’m personally not into the extra work involved in smoking a 3 piece design ecig, however with the Wetflame Nova it didn’t bother me as much and was super easy to assemble and use.  I also really liked the e-liquid flavors that I tried with the Nova kit.  My pick for best e cigarette 3 piece design goes to the Wetflame Nova priced at $62.99 after using coupon wetflamecQA775.  This kit has got everything you need to enjoy your electronic cigarette experience.  Just a side note, I don’t recommend getting a 3 Piece design if your not wanting to do a few extra steps before enjoying your ecig.  It is a little more work, but you can save more money in the long run cause the e-liquid is not as expensive vs pre-filled cartridges.  Don’t take my word for it check out the best e cigarette 3 piece design for yourself.

Best E Cigarette with Personal Charging Case

best e cigarette with pccEversmoke CouponPersonal charging cases can make or break an ecig starter kit for some.  It’s a nice feature to have especially if your on the go most of the time.  I was splitting hairs on this one because I really like 2 kits, the Eversmoke Ultimate Plus and South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate so I based my final decision on price.   My pick for best e cigarette with a personal charging case goes to the Eversmoke Ultimate Plus priced at $139.49.  This is not my favorite overall kit but I like Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke’s Personal Charging Case compared to other brands and that’s why I think Eversmoke’s Ultimate Plus is the best e cigarette with a personal charging case.  Don’t take my word for it check out the best e cigarette with a personal charging case for yourself.

Best Electronic Cigarette That Is A Disposable

best e cigarette disposablekrave couponAs cheap as you can get a basic stater kit I’m not really sure why anyone would venture to buy a disposable electronic cigarette.  I under stand maybe if your at a bar and can’t smoke and they sell them or something along those lines but other then that, just buy a basic stater kit.  Your going to have a much better overall experience with a higher quality product.  My pick however for the best e cigarette that is a disposable goes to the Krave 200 priced at $4.87 after coupon DSC-16155.  Anything priced under $5 is ok by me, but again that’s just the cheap coming out.  The Krave 200 can be purchased on both Kraveit.com and Smoke51.com and coupon DSC-16155 works on both sites.  Don’t take my word for it, check out the best e cigarette that is a disposable for yourself.

Best E Cigarette For Women

Vapor Couture Couponbest e cigarette for womenI’m not a women, I get it.  But my wife Amanda is and she’s the whole reason I got started on this ecig kick in the first place.  So NO, I didn’t come to this decision alone.  Being that Vapor Couture is an electronic cigarette only for women this was an easy choice.  Vapor Couture does what most other ecig brands do not, and that’s make the electronic cigarette fashionable.  With designer batteries and matching cartridges my pick for best e cigarette for women goes to the Vapor Couture Essential Kit.  The VC Essential Kit comes priced at $67.96 after coupon all4ecig15. The Vapor Couture line offers a sleek slim ecig similar to a Virginia slim with 4 designs and also has a variety of flavors for their cartridges.  Don’t take my word for it, check out the best e cigarette for women for yourself.

Best E Cigarette Starter Kit Overall

V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit Couponbest e cigarette starter kitI’m a sucker for V2 Cigs, there I said it.  I like their reasonable prices and high quality products.  V2 Cigs is also my personal brand of choice.  OK so it’ll come at no surprise that my pick for best e cigarette stater kit overall is the V2 Ultimate Kit.  V2 Cigs made a starter kit that is truly a BEAST.  The V2 Ultimate Kit is priced at $152.96 after coupon all4ecig15.  This kit has all the bells and whistles including 3 batteries, 1 power cig, multiple chargers including a personal charging case, 25 day supply of cartridges, and a carrying case.  This kit is worth every penny and is priced as fair as fair can be.  If money is not a deciding factor, then you have got to go with the V2 Ultimate Starter Kit.  Don’t take my word for it, check out the best e cigarette starter kit overall for yourself.

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