Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes | 7 Reasons To Add The E To Your Cigarette

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes | 7 Reasons To Add The E To Your Cigarette

benefits of electronic cigarettes


Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes


There are so many people all around the world who have already made the switch to electronic cigarettes.  My families journey with electronic cigarettes, started back in early 2011 when my wife’s brother convinced her to drop her Marlboro ultra lights and try the e cigarette brand Smoke 51.  At the time our biggest reason for switching to electronic cigarettes was our kids.  We no longer wanted to expose them to second-hand smoke.  Which in my opinion is the best benefit electronic cigarettes offer PERIOD.  So not too long ago I started to wonder why are all these other people using e-cigarettes instead of traditional electronic cigarettes and what I found is in no order at all.



#1.  That’s right I don’t smell like smoke!  Weather or not you think smoking is cool or whatever, what’s not cool is smelling like smoke.  With electronic cigarettes there is no more stank smoke breath or clothes that smell like an ashtray. Your car can stay fresh as well because your electronic cigarette will only omit a vapor that will not cause anything or anyone to smell bad.  I’d say this is  a pretty good benefit of electronic cigarettes and seemed to be one of the biggest reasons people are making the switch.


#2  Money, Money, Money, Money  Not sure about you but I need my money and like to keep it.  Although this wasn’t the main reason I switched to ecigs it’s a pretty damn nice one.  With most brands of electronic cigarettes you’ll more than save on your monthly cost vs smoking traditional cigarettes.  Usually you’ll cut your spending by about 40 to 50 percent.  Not only is this a great benefit of electronic cigarettes it’s one of my favorites!


#3  This is just like my tobacco cigarette.   People seem to really like electronic cigarette because they so closely resemble tobacco cigarettes.  The fact that you can hold an ecig just like a standard cigarette and suck and puff on it like a standard cigarette and blow vapor like a standard cigarette and let’s not forget the tip lights up like a standard cigarette makes them pretty freaking sweet.  Ecigs so closely resemble tobacco cigarettes it has to be one of the biggest benefits of electronic cigarettes.


#4 So many options.  People like options.  There are so many brands of electronic cigarettes to choose from  it’s crazy.  Different looking batteries that come in all shapes in sizes.  Pretty much any and every flavor you could desire is available.  Nicotine strength can be customized to as little as zero to as much as 24mg.  Let’s not forget all the cool accessories too.  Options are most defiantly one of the coolest benefits of electronic cigarettes.


#5  I can vape at work son!  Yes smoking at work can be made possible with electronic cigarettes.  My brother in-law swears by smoking his electronic cigarette at work.  The fact that he doesn’t have to leave his office to go outside to smoke a cigarette keeps him super productive.  Love it or leave it you better gain weight your better hit bulls-eye because ecigs don’t play.  Being able to smoke at work is for sure a benefit of electronic cigarettes.


#6  It’s so dang convenient.  Not only is it super easy to carry around your electronic cigarettes but it’s also easy to use anywhere.  No more need of ashtrays. No more need for lighters or matches.  You and your electronic cigarette can go pretty much anywhere you please and with ease.  Convenience is one of the main benefits of electronic cigarettes.


#7  No messing with our precious environment.  Electronic cigarettes are one with the environment.  Because ecigs don’t burn, there are no more butts to flick on the street, no ash, or lighters to litter.  The fact most e cigarette companies have programs that will help you safely dispose of your ecig battery.  Keeping the environment safer is a nice  benefit of electronic cigarettes.  Tear…


The benefits of electronic cigarettes compared to tobacco cigarettes could go on and on but these seemed to be the reoccurring answers.  After reading this if you are still unsure if e-cigarettes will work for you give me a shout.  I’d be more than happy to aid you in the purchase of any electronic cigarette product.


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