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Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes | Top 5

Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes



Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

So if you are reading this post, then  most likely you are a smoker and you are seeking out the benefits of using electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes.  Just to clear a few things up before I touch on the benefitselectronic cigarettes are simply an alternative to tobacco cigarettes and are in no shape form or fashion designed or intended to be used to stop smoking.  Not only that they are not FDA approved for that purpose either.  So now that I’ve got that out of the way let’s get to my top 5 benefits of electronic cigarettes.
Benefit Number One is electronic cigarettes do NOT have nasty odors or smells.  Its not exactly ground breaking news that tobacco cigarettes smell horribly BAD.  Not only that but the scent of cigarette smoke get’s on everything.  The odor smells extremely bad and most non smokers don’t want to be around this odor or in close proximity of it anyways.  To a non smoker or an ex smoker, the smell is very very very noticeable.  The fact that Electronic cigarettes do not omit any funky smelling odors is a huge benefit.  Vapor evaporates almost immediately and that’s why odors a pretty much nonexistent with electronic cigarettes.
Benefit Number two is electronic cigarettes are way cheaper.  As a smoker you know how expensive your smoking habit is.  With electronic cigarettes, entry cost can be a little freighting but take notice how much you’ll save just in your first month of using electronic cigarettes.  How much you’ll save will vary from brand to brand so I’m not going to go into exact number but I will put a link right there so that you can check out a calculator that will tell you how much you would save if you made the switch to e cigarettes.  Keep in mind that currently, e-cigarettes are not subject to any sort of taxes like traditional tobacco cigarettes. Also, as ecig technology develops and becomes more mainstream, the cost has continued to decline.
Benefit number three is electronic cigarettes are much safer.  By safer I mean there is no open flame or matches or lighters to worry about.  Did you know that traditional cigarettes are the number 1 cause for fire related deaths in the united states and 7 other countries.  With electronic cigarettes there is no open flame so none of the fire hazards apply to them.  I know what your thinking…what about the ecigarette that blew up some guys face.  Well that guy modded his electronic cigarette and alter his device to get more power and stacked batteries in the process.  Since that happened, there have been 0 incidents, or at least none reported.
Benefit number 4 is electronic cigarettes are a better alternative.  Electronic cigarette companies can not claim they are a “healthier”option, but it’s extremely easy to point out how harmful traditional tobacco cigarettes are for one’s health.  I’m not going to into the countless studies of how bad tobacco cigarettes really are but to list some conditions that are related to tobacco smoking would include strokes, heart attacks, throat cancer, lung cancer, pneumonia, and countless other horribly awful conditions.  There have been so many people including my wife who after switching to e cigarettes reported they felt physically better.
Benefit number 5 is electronic cigarettes produce no second-hand smoke.  The impact that tobacco cigarettes have not only you but the people around you is crazy.  I’ve personally been around smokers my entire life and it’s not fair especially as a kid to be exposed to second-hand smoke.  With electronic cigarettes, you not exposing anyone or anything.  In my opinion this is the biggest benefit because not only does it benefit you, but it benefits everyone around you.
So those are my top 5 benefits of electronic cigarettes, but there are many, many, more and  I’d love to hear from you, what you think are the biggest and best benefits of using electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes in the comment area below.


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