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Vapor Profits Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Info
  • Commissions : 30%
  • 2nd Tier Commissions : 10%
  • Sign Up Bonus : None
  • Pay Frequencey : Monthly
Affiliate Manager: Daniel Levitt
Favorite Product: Ozone Smoke Ultimate Kit
Affiliate Program Extra Info
  • Online Since : 2013
  • Email : support@vaporprofits.com
  • Phone# : 1-315-277-2502
  • Back-End Platform : Custom
  • Pay Threshold : $100.00 USD
  • Sister Brands :

Vapor Profits Affiliate Program

Vapor Profits Affiliate ProgramVapor Profits is a new affiliate program / platform that is and will be continuously partnering with electronic cigarette companies to help promote and drive sales online. Currently they are only offering Ozone Smoke, but I’m sure in the future will offer other brands seeing how fast this industry is growing. According to their online vision statement their goal is to create 100 Millionaires over the next 3 years which sounds pretty awesome right?  Below are some FAQ about Vapor Profits Affiliate Program.  If you have more questions just contact me and I’d be more than happy to help.


Vapor Profits Affiliate Program FAQ


How much do I get paid from Vapor Profits?  Right now Vapor Profits is offering a 30% Life Time commission on affiliate sales and 10% on sub affiliate sales.  This is one of the highest starting commissions you’ll find in the electronic cigarette industry today.


When do I get paid my commissions from Vapor Profits?  Commissions are paid out monthly on the 15th of every month.


What is the minimum payout with Vapor Profits?  $100 is the pay threshold, so once that is met your good to go.


Is it free to be a Vapor Profits affiliate?  Yes.


Can I promote Vapor Profits from outside the United States?  Yes.  Currently Vapor Profits products are only available in the US but can be promoted from anywhere in the world.


Do I make money on refills?  Yes.  Anytime a customer purchases starter kits or cartridges you get a commission.

Vapor Profits Affiliate Network

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Vapor Profits Affiliate Program

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