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Smoke 51 Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Info
  • Commissions : 31% to 51%
  • 2nd Tier Commissions : 20%
  • Sign Up Bonus : 10
  • Pay Frequencey : Monthly
Affiliate Manager: Daniel Macadar
Favorite Product: Smoke 51 2.0
Affiliate Program Extra Info
  • Online Since : 3
  • Email : N/A
  • Phone# : 1-888-766-5351
  • Back-End Platform : Post Affiliate Pro
  • Pay Threshold : $100 minimum
  • Sister Brands : Krave, Green Puffer, VaporX

Smoke 51 Affiliate Program

Smoke 51 Affiliate Program 

As a Smoke 51 Affiliate you get paid on a sliding scale commission structure. They pay a very nice 31% commission on sales between $0-$5,000 per month, 41% for sales between $5,001-$25,000 per month, and a whopping 51% commission on a sales volume of $25,001 and above. The rate depends on your sales. If you continue to sale over $5,000 per month you will remain in the 41% commission structure. Same goes to say for the $25,001 and up bracket. If your sales volume stays that high you will stay at that commission level. Its a really great payout structure.

Smoke 51 operates a tiered affiliate program. Smoke 51 will pay you 20% of the commissions generated by your sub-affiliates. They have some very nice page peels, light boxes, and plenty of flash banners. Smoke 51 even provides their affiliates an offline promo code that they can give word-of-mouth for potential clients to enter at a specific URL for great discounts.

The product line is another great selling point of the Smoke 51 affiliate program. They offer starter kits for two different electronic cigarette designs; the two-piece DUO, and the three-piece TRIO, gift certificates, electronic cigars, accessories, and the disposable Krave electronic cigarette. To become a direct Smoke 51 affiliate just go to click the link below.

A Smoke 51 affiliate off-line Smoke 51 coupon codes to help drive sales even away from the computer!
Smoke 51 affiliates start making an industry high starting commissions rate of 31%

How to become a Smoke 51 Affiliate

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Smoke 51 Affiliate Program

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