Electronic Cigarette Reviews | 6 Reasons Why Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes are Superior to Traditional Cigarettes

6 Reasons Why Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes are Superior to Traditional Cigarettes

125Electronic cigarettes are rapidly becoming the cigarette of choice for smokers. Designed to create the look and feel of traditional cigarettes, these electronic counterparts are rapidly being used by more and more smokers. Here are 6 reasons why electronic cigarettes are superior to traditional cigarettes:

1. Flavor: When electronic cigarettes originally hit the market, one of things they most certainly were not known for was their flavors. In 2012 that is no longer the case. In July 2011 Green Smoke released its FlavorMax Cartomizers which is now known for providing one of the richest flavors in the industry.These cartomizers have the best flavor I’ve ever tasted in a cigarette! Thank you so much! – Steve Z.

2. Smoke Volume: Industry experts, like Andy Gray, have rated FlavorMax™ as the cartomizer which produces one of the highest vapor or smoke volumes in the industry. It gives you a full feeling when inhaled – similar to a traditional cigarette. The vapor really needs to be seen and experienced to really understand how impressive it is. The difference in vapor is nothing short of amazing. – Andy Gray

3. Odor: This is by far one of the big reasons people love electronic cigarettes. They produce no smoking odors at all. Gone are the days of a smoker reeking of cigarette smoke. They can now smoke and leave their car, clothing and house smelling fresh.

4. Ash and cigarette butts: None. Nadda. None existent. With electronic cigarettes you get none of these messy, annoying byproducts normally found in traditional cigarettes. The only thing left to enjoy is the flavor.

You can also have fun. We had a customer tell us a story of what he did when someone asked him to put out his “cigarette”. He looked the person straight in the eye, stuck out his tongue and “put the cigarette out” on their tongue! The possibilities are limitless!

5. Price: This is by far one of the biggest advantages of electronic cigarettes. They are considerably less expensive than traditional cigarettes and can save a smoker thousands of dollars a year. Take for example Green Smoke®’s FlavorMax™ Cartomizers. Each cartomizer is comparable to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. The price of each cartomizer can be less than $3. This could bring the price, compared to a pack of cigarettes, under the $2 threshold. Compare that to the cost of traditional cigarettes which is rising every year and can reach as high as $14 a pack in some states!

6. Location: If you’re not a smoker you probably aren’t even aware of them. If you are a smoker you see them everywhere. No Smoking signs. These signs can really rain on a smoker’s parade – or party, family gathering or meeting. Because electronic cigarettes don’t emit smoke and have no odor, ash or mess, they are actually allowed in many places traditional cigarettes are banned. It’s recommended of course to tell someone who works at the establishment you want to smoke in what you’re doing, because it’s very easy to mistake the vapor of an electronic cigarette with cigarette smoke.

It’s easy to see why smokers enjoy electronic cigarettes. They’re easy to use, provide a great smoking experience, are much lighter on your wallet and can be smoked almost anywhere.

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