Electronic Cigarette Reviews | 10ml of E liquid equals how many cigarettes?

10ml of E liquid equals how many cigarettes?

10ml of E liquid equals how many cigarettes?



Q & A: 10ml of E liquid equals how many cigarettes?

If you are asking this question then most likely you’re trying to do some sort of cost analysis on your expenses comparing using e liquid or e juice to tobacco cigarettes. With that, there are a bunch of things to consider. The biggest is your smoking habits and patterns. Typically a tobacco smoker smoke less than a person who vapes. Simply because with your electronic cigarette or vaporizer you can use it ANYWHERE…and its more readily available at all times.


What I’ve found is you’ll find yourself doing things you wouldn’t normally do with tobacco cigarettes. On the flip side though, how many times as a smoker have you taken 2 drags off a cigarette and tossed it or had people bum a cigarette from you, got a pack wet..yada yada yada? But that’s just a quick rant! On average a tobacco smoker usually vapes around 2 to 3 ml of e liquid per day. A 10ml bottle should last anywhere from 3 to 5 days.


Obviously if you’re a light smoker you’ll most likely consume less therefore extending your life of the e liquid use time. This is nothing more than a rough estimate, but on average I’d compare 10 ml of e liquid to 5 packs of tobacco cigarettes or 100 individual tobacco cigarettes. This is an average and again no exact science is in use here with this comparison. If you’re trying to figure out if using e liquid is going to offer financial benefits over tobacco cigarettes then the answer is 9 out of 10 times, yes. I live in Tennessee and an average carton tobacco cigarettes here cost about $50 give or take a few bucks depending on where you buy.


That would bring a pack of cigarettes to $5 per pack or .25 cents per cigarette. Compared to buying e liquid it’s not even close. Let’s take a look at Vapor Zones e liquid cost, a 30ml bottle of e juice will only cost you $14.99. This is putting your cost at $1 per 2ml of e liquid or .05 cents per cigarette in comparison. The only time you’ll spend more with e liquid is if you take your consumption or usage to the next level. And I mean the next level. 6 times more to be exact.


To be fair though if you start bringing in cost of batteries, tanks, cartomizers, atomizers, and even accessories the prices start to level out a little bit. But e liquid is going to be the a much better financial choice vs use of tobacco cigarettes.

Many studies have found that vaporizer it is better to use a vaporizer than cigarettes as they are less harmful to health.

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